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Footpath design for Reckleben and View streets

Current section of footpath

Project aim

To construct a pathway on Reckleben Street and adjacent land between the Gaffney Street, Reckleben Street and Chapmans Road intersection, and on to View and Forest streets to the Forest and Bowden streets intersection.

Design considerations

As Castlemaine’s population increases, and the housing density with it, there is a need for increased safe pedestrian access between the town centre, and the inner west of Castlemaine.

This project proposes:

- A sealed pathway (concrete or asphalt) in place of the existing track, 1.5m wide

- Increased visibility, signage and safety at road intersections

- Requisite drainage solutions to remove water and reduce erosion to the natural landscape surrounding the path, and to enable safer passage for the community in all weather conditions

- Minimising vegetation loss (however there is expected to be some tree removal required during the construction phase of the project).

Key areas of note

Still in the planning and design phase, we welcome community feedback and input into the design of this footpath, including:

- alignment of the proposed pathway

- materials with which the pathway is constructed

- knowledge related to existing conditions/ areas of concern (such as washaway points during storms etc.)

- any other considerations/opportunities associated with this project.

Design documents

A general alignment of the proposed footpath and elevation is detailed on the map here. There are no other design drawings available at this time.

Design completion date

Target date for design completion is March 2021.

Project manager

Ambriel Armstrong-Hillhouse - info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au

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