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Proposed development plans

View the list of proposed development plans currently being assessed by council.

Proposed Development Plans currently under assessment

Proposed development plans currently being assessed that are considered to meet all requirements of the applicable Development Plan Overlay schedule. Council’s Strategic Planning team intends on approving the plan after the dates shown.

33 Maldon Road, McKenzie Hill

Proposed Development Plan to part of area affected by Schedule 1 to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO1) at 33 Maldon Road, McKenzie Hill.

The Development Plan associated with Planning Application PA181/2021 (2 lot subdivision) is on informal notification now until 14 August 2021. The Development Plan is subject to Schedule 1 to the DPO.

Address: 33 Maldon Road, McKenzie Hill.

View the image on the proposed Development Plan PDF.

Background to the DPO Schedule 1

Schedule 1 to the DPO applies to land in the General Residential Zone located in the southwest area of the Castlemaine urban area. This includes some land to the north of Maldon Road, as well as land bound by Maldon Road to the north, Monaghan Street to the south, Ireland Street to the west and the eastern boundary of 16 Monaghan Street to the east.
The DPO1 was applied to the land as part of the new format Mount Alexander Planning Scheme in 1999. The Development Plan Overlay Review (2009) recommended the retention of the DPO1 to this land. Amendment C046 to the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme introduced some changes to the DPO1, including a requirement that the road network design be consistent with that detailed in the adopted Diamond Gully Structure Plan.


The proposed Development Plan has been assessed against the criteria detailed in the Schedule 1 to DPO and is considered to be generally in accordance with the requirements of the schedule. Some minor changes to the proposed development plan may still occur dependent on requirements regarding traffic safety and drainage infrastructure.

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