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Amendment C95 – Planning Policy Framework translation

Current status

Amendment C95 amends the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme as part of the ‘Planning Policy Framework translation’ process. The amendment translated the Local Planning Policy Framework to incorporate the policies into the Planning Policy Framework (PPF). Amendment C95malx came into operation on 20 May 2021 when the notice was published in the Government Gazette.

About the amendment

All planning schemes state-wide will be translated as part of the Department of Land, Water and Planning’s (DELWP) reform program called ‘Smart Planning’ to make Victoria’s planning system more efficient, accessible, open and collaborative.

The translation has introduced a newly-formatted Municipal Planning Strategy and Local Planning Policy within the Planning Policy Framework, nested under relevant State planning policy themes. The changes are structural only and do not alter the intent of the existing local planning policy contained in our planning scheme.

Now that the translation is complete, the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme is structured with the Planning Policy Framework (including state, regional and local) entirely integrated at Clauses 10-19. The state, regional and local policies will now be listed together, below their relevant themes.

Further to this, the Municipal Planning Strategy will be relocated to Clause 2 of the Planning Scheme, for the purpose of succinctly explaining the context for the municipality and providing overarching strategies for the major land use and development matters that affect it. The new Municipal Planning Strategy is based on the former Municipal Strategic Statement and focusses on strategic priorities and includes the context, vision, strategic directions and frameworks plans for our Shire.

The translation will not affect the process for submitting a planning permit application. For all information regarding planning permit applications see the Planning Services page of our website.

Purpose of the amendment

The purpose of the integrated PPF is to:

• Strengthen planning policy.
• Better align and integrate state and local planning policy.
• Make policy easier to navigate and use.
• Ensure that policy is consistent and concise.
• Simplify the review and update of policy

Further information

For further questions about the Planning Policy Framework translation process, Council’s Strategic Planning Unit can be contacted on (03) 5471 1700 or via email at

To learn more visit the Smart Planning website.

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