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Temporary and mobile food premises and water carters

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Under the Victorian Food Act 1984 a food stalls, mobile food vans and water carters are all considered to be a food business and must be registered in the municipality in which the premises is based.

Food stalls include those operating at community events and festivals. Examples of food stalls include wine tasting, cake stalls, fresh produce, honey and eggs.

Under the Food Act 1984 a statewide, single registration enables food stalls, mobile food premises and food vending machines to operate anywhere in Victoria. These food businesses must be registered (as a food stall, mobile food premises or vending machine) in the municipality in which they are based (or garaged). Class 4 food businesses which are exempt from registration are still required to notify Councils of their intent to trade (See Class 4 information below).

Food businesses that are already registered with the Mount Alexander Shire Council or another Council (as a food stall, mobile food premises or vending machine) must lodge a statement of trade. No fee applies.

Food businesses and community groups that are not registered can lodge an application on Streatrader.
Statements of trade are also managed through this site. Prior to lodging an application it is advised that you contact a Public and Environmental Health Officer to discuss your proposal.

All stalls may be subject to inspection by a Public and Environmental Health Officer. Food safety programs (where applicable) must be up-to-date and available at the stall at all times.

For applications to register, notification forms and statements of trade please visit Streatrader. Please contact a Public and Environmental Health Officer to confirm fees.

Please note registration and acceptance of statements of trade will not guarantee a stall at a particular event. Please check stall availability with event organisers. Local laws permits may be required.

If the stall is classified as a Class 4 premises and therefore exempt from registration, a one-off notification is required.

Class 4 food stalls include:

  • The sale of prepackaged low risk foods
  • The sale of packaged alcohol
  • The sale of uncut fruit and vegetables
  • Wine tasting (which can include serving low risk food or cheese)
  • The sale of packaged cakes (excluding cream cakes), and
  • Simple sausage sizzles at stalls, where the sausages are cooked and served immediately. This means sausages, sauce, onions and bread (this does not include hamburgers or other high risk foods).

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