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Heritage advisory service

Guildford streetscape

There are more than a thousand heritage places in our Shire which are recognised and protected through Heritage Overlays. See the Heritage Schedule list for more details.

Heritage Places can be buildings, archaeological sites or cultural landscapes. Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Places are protected by different legislation. Please refer to Aboriginal Victoria, for more information on the protection and management of Aboriginal heritage sites.

To check if your property has a Heritage Overlay, order a free Planning Property Report. If you have a property listed on the Heritage Overlay, and are thinking of undertaking works to the property, you may need a planning permit. You will need a planning permit to renovate, alter or subdivide heritage-listed properties, trees, or land. Please refer to the planning scheme for the detailed list of requirements.

Information about applying for a permit can be found here.

We recommend you contact our Heritage and Urban Design Officer before you submit your planning permit application, to discuss your plans and seek advice on the requirements of the Heritage Overlay schedule. To make an appointment for a free 30 minute meeting with our Heritage and Urban Design Officer contact us.

If you are planning on installing a solar system on a heritage property, Council has produced a fact sheet that provides information on the planning permit process.

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