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Dry summer impacts unsealed roads

Grader on dirt road

The dry conditions have had a large impact on Council's road grading program.

Monday 19 March 2018

The dry summer and lack of rain has had a major impact on unsealed roads throughout Mount Alexander Shire.

Three grader crews are working to improve the roads although the dry conditions and lack of water mean the works take longer and are less effective.

Council’s Works Coordinator Joel Grenfell explained that the crews are prioritising roads that need grading for safety reasons with the teams continuing with other roads once conditions improve.

“We need a lot of water to grade unsealed roads and local water storages are very low,” said Mr Grenfell.

“In many cases crews need to travel further to fill the water trucks, which makes the process much slower.

“When it’s this dry road grading is far less effective and the improvements don’t last as long as they would in usual conditions,” he said.

Mr Grenfell said the Works Unit will continue to inspect and monitor roads which will then be graded as prioritised by safety needs.

“Maintaining unsealed roads around the shire is an important priority for Council. The crews are doing what they can and we thank residents for their patience as we continue this work,” he said.

Road users are reminded to take care and drive to conditions.

Mount Alexander Shire Council is responsible for 850 kilometres of unsealed roads.

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