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Council to restore two Avenues of Honour

Newstead Avenue of Honour

Trees will be pruned along the Avenues of Honour at Newstead and Chewton in April.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Mount Alexander Shire Council will soon start a pruning program to improve the health and condition of trees planted along the Avenues of Honour in Newstead and Chewton.

The project is funded by a $36,600 grant from the Victorian Government and will see professional arborists prune and remove deadwood from 37 mature English Elm and Peppercorn trees in Chewton, and 74 trees in Newstead.

Two trees in poor condition will be removed and replaced at Chewton, and four at Newstead.

Council’s Parks and Gardens Coordinator Stewart Campbell said replacement trees will be propagated from existing trees within the avenues.

“We want to preserve the character and integrity of both avenues, and will propagate trees from bud material collected from the Elm trees,” said Mr Campbell.

“To obtain budding material and grow trees to the point where they are ready to plant will take at least three years, so it’s a slow and steady process,” he said.

Arborists will begin pruning trees in April, and aim to complete the work by Anzac Day.

“Pruning at this time of year as the trees come into dormancy reduces the incidence of disease and insect infestation upon the elm tree population,” said Mr Campbell.

Newstead’s Avenue of Honour was originally planted in 1919 to commemorate the First World War, with replacement plantings conducted in 1995 and 2003.

The Avenue of Honour is located on the western edge of the Newstead township and extends for approximately 800m along either side of the Pyrenees Highway.

The Avenue of Honour at Chewton is located in the township centre along the east boundary of Soldiers Memorial Park.

Tree-lined Avenues of Honour are an enduring and popular form of public commemoration of military service in Australia.

“By doing this work we are not only improving the life expectancy of the trees, we’re also helping to sustain the community’s memory of every individual who has made the supreme sacrifice on behalf of all Australians,” said Mr Campbell.

The Castlemaine RSL branch has been informed of the works.

Image: The impressive Avenue of Honour at Newstead.

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