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Safety message from school crossing supervisors

Crossing supervisors

School Crossing Supervisors are urging drivers to slow down and drive safely.

Monday 16 April 2018

With term two now underway, school crossing supervisors across Mount Alexander Shire have a message for drivers – please get off your phone and concentrate on the road!

Michelle Holmes who works as a School Crossing Supervisor at Harcourt says she’s amazed at the number of drivers who approach school crossings not watching the road.

“We see people not only talking on their phone while driving, we also see them texting while driving! It’s crazy and so dangerous, particularly when there are kids nearby trying to get to school safely,” said Michelle.

The crossing supervisors have many tips on what drivers can do to help keep kids safe.

“When we want vehicles to stop we hold out the stop sign. Drivers sometimes think they’re doing the right thing by slowing down or stopping without us indicating to them,” explained Craig Euler, School Crossing Supervisor at Castlemaine Primary School.

“The problem with this is that there may be a truck or large vehicle behind them which creates the risk of a crash. We ask that drivers just keep driving (to the speed limit!) until indicated and everyone can stay safe,” he said.

Another tip is for vehicles to stay put until everyone is off the crossing.

“We see vehicles stopping but then rushing through when we’re walking off the crossing. They need to wait until everyone on the crossing is safely off,” said Tony Peachey, School Crossing Supervisor at Castlemaine North Primary School.

The team also urged cyclists to remember to stop at the crossing as sometimes they simply zoom through.

School Crossing Supervisors visited every school in the shire in term one to remind students about road safety.

“We hear all kinds of stories from the kids about their parents driving too fast, speaking on their phones while driving – they even tell us if their parents don’t wear bike helmets!” said Michelle.

“The kids are watching and learning all the time so by driving carefully you’re doing what you can to help the next generation be safe on the roads,” she said.

Congratulations to two team members who recently clocked up impressive lengths of service. Priscilla Gifford has been a School Crossing Supervisor for 15 years and Tony Peachey has reached five years.

Image: Our School Crossing Supervisors urge everyone to drive safely.

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