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Tips for managing autumn leaves

Early morning leaf clean up in Victory Park Castlemaine

Council's leaf management program is underway and there are things you can do to help manage autumn leaves.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Autumn has arrived and that means many of our beautiful deciduous trees are dropping their leaves on the ground, on cars, in our gutters and on the road.

Mount Alexander Shire Council has around 16,500 street trees under its maintenance. Nearly half of those (45%) are deciduous so that’s a lot of leaves.

“Council sweeps and collects leaves from public spaces including streets, roads and gutters, nature strips and road verges,” said Marcus Goonan, Acting Manager Infrastructure.

“Our outdoor crew regularly monitors known hot spots for leaf build up. They have already started collection in Maldon, Newstead, Guildford and Fryerstown, and will focus on Castlemaine soon.

There are also a few ways Council and residents can work together to stay on top of the fallen leaves.

Simple tips include:
• Rake up leaves on your nature strip or road verge for Council to collect
• Compost leaves where you can – the compost is good for your garden
• Report sites to council where leaves are causing problems (like blocking drains)

With proof of residence households can purchase a compost bin at the Castlemaine Waste Facility for a discounted rate of $20. Bins come with a free aerator tool and kerbside bin sticker.

Take care when walking on footpaths or tracks which are covered in leaves as they can get very slippery. Be cautious of the depth of leaf-filled kerbside gutters before you step in.

Please remember Council doesn’t collect leaves from private property. If you are clearing your gutters, take extra care or hire a professional. Falling from ladders is a common cause of serious injury.

Residents have the option to burn leaves. Subject to CFA regulations, properties over 2000m2 can have a fire in the open air or use an incinerator. For properties less than 2000m2 an incinerator only can be used on a Tuesday or Saturday. Always remember to register your burn off with Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), stay vigilant and make sure your burn is fully extinguished to prevent it from reigniting.

The Castlemaine Waste Facility on Sluicers Road and the Maldon Transfer Station on Morris Street also take green waste. A small trailer load costs $14 to empty at these sites.

You can make an online request via Council’s website or call Customer Service on 5471 1700 to report a problem area.

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