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Have your say on streetscape designs

View of Newstead township

Come along and have your say on the streetscape designs for five of our local townships - Chewton, Campbells Creek, Guildford, Newstead and Taradale.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Mount Alexander Shire Council is hosting a series of workshops to enable the community to participate in the development of streetscape designs for five local towns.

The streetscape designs are based on the priorities identified in community plans for Chewton, Campbells Creek, Guildford, Newstead and Taradale. They consider things like the placement of trees and gardens, traffic management, pedestrian safety and creating social spaces for communities to gather.

“This is an exciting opportunity for community members to take a look at the draft designs and work together to make some improvements to their town centre,” said Lisa Knight, Director Corporate and Community Services, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“We’re encouraging everyone to provide input into the designs by attending a workshop, completing an online feedback form or submitting your feedback in writing,” she said.

Workshops: (updated times)

What: Taradale Streetscape Design
When: 5.30pm, Wednesday 6 June
Where: Taradale Wine and Produce, 120 High St, Taradale

What: Chewton Streetscape Design
When: 7.30pm, Wednesday 6 June
Where: Castlemaine Goldfields FC Clubhouse, Chewton Soldiers Memorial Park, Fryers Road Chewton

What: Guildford Streetscape Design
When: 5.00pm, Thursday 7 June
Where: Guildford Public Hall, 6 Templeton St, Guildford

What: Campbells Creek Streetscape Design
When: 7.30pm, Thursday 7 June
Where: Campbells Creek Primary School, 127 Main Rd, Campbells Creek

What: Newstead Streetscape Design
When: 5.30pm, Wednesday 13 June
Where: Mechanics Hall, Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead

The draft designs and feedback form are available at www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/HaveYourSay. The designs will also be available for view at various locations in each town.

Post your feedback titled Streetscape Designs to Council or email to info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au by 5.00pm on Friday 22 June.

Revised designs are expected to be available for community feedback in July and finalised by September. Council is working with Michael Smith and Associates on this project.

It is also finalising streetscape design guidelines for Castlemaine and Maldon for community feedback as part of a separate project.

For more information or to discuss your feedback on the designs contact Gaynor Aitkin, Manager, Community Partnerships, on 5471 1700 or visit Council’s website.

Town priorities at a glance

Campbells Creek
Aligning with the Campbells Creek Community Plan priorities, the initial consultations with the Campbells Creek Community Inc identified the following four themes:
• Friendly and welcoming village feel – for example an attractive and inviting streetscape, shelters for sitting and relaxing, a street library for community.
• Safe and enjoyable walking and cycling – for example recessed parking, bike lanes, divided sections of the road for bikes and parking with plantings.
• Creating and celebrating our identity – for example public art, sign posts for features or area, make Campbells Creek unique, links to the creek.
• Flora and fauna - e.g. showcase local indigenous history, plants, and animals, shade plantings, wildlife signage.

The design will focus on Main Road from Silver Street to Campbells Creek-Fryers Road, including the Five Flags corner.

Aligning with the Chewton Community Plan, the outcomes of the community survey identified the following three themes:
• Access to safe walking and cycling e.g. safety of pedestrians and cyclists from traffic with bike lanes and tracks, truck curfew and limited speed, improve street lighting, pedestrian crossing from oval,/ pool and shop, safe walking paths
• Aesthetics – seating for rest stops, sculptures/art, improve area outside Chewton shop, bus shelter, parking at shop, signage about history and historical buildings
• Trees – e.g. more shade trees, management of nature strips/more green area, native planting.
The design will focus on a section of approximately 350m along Main Road from Adelaide Street to Church Street.

Aligning with the Guildford Aspirations Plan priorities, the initial consultations with the Guildford Progress Association identified the following three themes:
• Softer environment – e.g. remove drainage eyesore points, less bitumen and tar, and ease of access to hall and John Powell Reserve/Barrassi bust.
• Safe and enjoyable walking and cycling – e.g. slow point for crossing the highway, bike racks for cyclists, pedestrian safety.
• A safe and friendly environment for people to stop and enjoy- e.g. shade, local history, parking for large vehicles, quiet rest areas and beautifying west side of highway.
The design will focus on the crossroad of Midland Highway and Fryers Street - approximately 100m along the Midland Highway from Little-Fryers Street to John Powell Reserve, and approx. 200m from 29 to 41 Fryers Street.

Aligning with the Newstead Community Plan priorities, the initial consultations with Newstead 2021 identified the following three themes:
• Trees – e.g. maintenance and renewal of street trees, deciduous trees for shade in summer and light in winter, productive plantings like fruit trees.
• Social spaces – e.g. welcoming rest and gathering areas to stop and talk, aesthetically beautiful spaces, recognition of the town’s history.
• Accessibility and safety – e.g. accessibility in the town centre, traffic calming, a safe space for kids.
The design will focus on an area of approximately 350m long, along Pyrenees Hwy from Newstead Park to Wyndham Street.

Aligning with the Taradale Community Plan priorities, the initial consultations with the Taradale Community Forum identified the following six themes:
• Sense of arrival – e.g. updated town entrance signage, sense of arrival through planting of trees and plants.
• Safe traffic and pedestrians – e.g. safe ways to lead people to tracks, parks and sites, slow traffic down so visitors can stop and residents are safe.
• Welcome and inviting- e.g. through installation of street lighting and seating, making town more attractive to visitors
• Unique identity and history – e.g. art in streetscapes, interesting buildings highlighted and celebrated, visual makeover for the school and old tennis court.
• Trees – e.g. lots of trees to enhance and extend the existing streetscape, lush and shady plantings.
The design will focus on the area between Calder Highway from Roderick Street to De La Beche Street. A second area, requiring less detailed planning, will run from De La Beche Street to Taradale Primary School.

Image: Have your say on the streetscapes of five of our townships - Newstead (pictured), Chewton, Campbells Creek, Taradale and Guildford.

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