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Discount desexing to reduce cat population

Surprised looking cat

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Mount Alexander Shire Council is working with Mount Alexander Animal Welfare (MAAW) and local vet clinics to provide low income earners with discounted cat de-sexing to help prevent unwanted litters.

Heavily discounted vouchers are available to cat owners who are healthcare card or pensioner card holders, living in Mount Alexander Shire.

Under the voucher scheme, cat owners pay only $50 to have their female cat de-sexed or just $30 for a male. At the same time, cats will be microchipped to enable them be traced to their owners if they stray or are lost.

Owners are encouraged to register their cats with Council or at the MAAW shelter, once desexing and microchipping is complete.

Vouchers can be obtained at the Civic Centre, MAAW shelter in Castlemaine or at the participating veterinary clinics including Castlemaine Vet Clinic, Healthy Pets and Maldon Vet Clinic.

“Rehoming cats is far more difficult than dogs,” said Jeffry Amy, Coordinator, Community Safety and Amenity Coordinator, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“By desexing cats, we reduce the number of kittens born into a life of disease and neglect, and keep the population of unwanted and feral cats down.

“This initiative is a great example of our community working with council and business to create an innovative solution to an animal management problem,” he said.

Council first introduced the initiative with vets and the RSPCA as part of its 2013 – 2017 Domestic Animal Management Plan.

Council staff recently renewed the approach in partnership with MAAW and local vet clinics, with all parties making a significant contribution.

“MAAW is pleased to be able to contribute to this wonderful initiative to help cat owners be responsible with their cats, and enable low income earners care for their pets in the way they would want to,” said Stephanie Miller, Treasurer, MAAW.

For further information please contact Council’s Local Laws unit on (03) 5471 1700.

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