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Rates notices on their way

The McIvor Road intersection with Harmony Way in North Harcourt was upgraded in 2018

Rate notices are on their way to property owners in Mount Alexander Shire.

Friday 31 August 2018

Property owners in Mount Alexander Shire can expect to receive their rates notice in the post in the coming week, with the first instalment of 2018/2019 rates due on 30 September. As this falls over the weekend, the due date is extended to Monday 1 October.

Council’s Executive Manager Business Performance Bradley Thomas explained 2018/2019 is a revaluation year for all properties in Victoria.

“Property valuations are conducted by qualified valuers who are independent of Council, with valuations reviewed by the Valuer General – the state's independent authority on property valuations. General rates are calculated based on the value of your property and those valuations have been updated from last year,” said Mr Thomas.

Under the Fair Go Rates System introduced by the State Government a council can only raise its total rates revenue above the 2.25% cap if it has consulted with its community and been granted permission by the Essential Services Commission. Mount Alexander Shire did not apply for a variation.

Other components on the rates notice include a waste charge, which assists funding the cost of landfill operations and kerbside collection service, and a Fire Services Property Levy which is charged by and transferred to the Victorian Government.

“Even though the 2.25 percent rate cap has been applied, your rates may be more or less than expected. Some rate payers will pay less and others will pay more based on their individual property value. Overall the general rates collected by Council will not exceed the rate cap, and the valuation process does not result in additional funds for Council,” he said.

Council provides a number of convenient payment options including BPAY and BPAY View. Sign up to BPAY View through internet banking to receive your rate notice electronically. You can also make a payment in person at the Civic Centre or at any Australia Post office, by calling 1300 486 757 or through our website. Ratepayers who receive Centrelink payments can opt to use Centrepay.

If you don’t receive your notice or are having difficulty paying your rates, please contact 5471 1700 for assistance.
At the July Council Meeting, Council made a minor change to previously adopted rates in the dollar used to calculate rates payable for properties in the shire. Rates in the dollar were reduced for all property categories due to updated property revaluation data. The amendment was necessary to ensure compliance with the legislated rate cap of 2.25%.

You rates go towards the delivery of a range of services like maternal and child health, home and community care, town planning, and cultural and recreational activities, as well as the maintenance of local roads, footpaths, bridges, drains, parks, playgrounds, community buildings and much more.

Watch this video to find out more about rate capping, what you get for your rates and how they are calculated.

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