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What can you do about fruit fly?

Illustrated Queensland fruit fly looking worried.

Learn how to protect your fruit and veggies from Queensland fruit fly by watching our new videos.

Thursday 24 January 2019

Would you be able to identify a Queensland fruit fly if it invaded your garden?

While there is growing awareness about fruit fly, most people are not on the look-out for the distinctively yellow patterned Queensland fruit fly. However, these small (only seven mm long!) pests have the potential to devastate our local horticulture industry and backyard fruit and vegetable crops.

To increase community awareness of Queensland fruit fly and explain what we can all do to prevent further spread, Mount Alexander Shire Council has created a series of educational videos in partnership with City of Greater Bendigo.

Viewers are introduced to the cheeky character of Ernie the Queensland Fruit Fly with a catchy song and tips on what we can all do to stop him in his tracks.

“We wanted to make sure the videos capture the attention of residents so along with a healthy injection of humour there’s lots of local footage,” said Bronwen Machin, Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire.

“We know that Queensland fruit fly are nearby in and around central Victoria, so we’d love everyone to take a look at the videos and become informed about what you can do to help keep them out of our shire.

“By working together we can reduce the spread of fruit fly in the region and protect our $18 million horticulture industry, as well as all the amazing fruit and veg that people grow in their backyard,” she said.

Tips on managing Queensland fruit fly
• Set traps to monitor and reduce fruit fly numbers (watch the videos to see how you can make your own or talk to your local garden supplier about the different types)
• Remove unwanted fruit from trees, collect fallen fruit from the ground and dispose of fruit correctly
• Keep fruit trees well pruned
• Place fruit fly nets over your fruit trees and vegetables.

Visit our Facebook page to see Ernie’s adventures for yourself or head to our website at www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/FruitFly. The videos were produced by Castlemaine-based Storyland and funded by a grant from Agriculture Victoria.

For more information on what you can do visit Agriculture Victoria’s website www.agriculture.vic.gov.au or call their Customer Service Centre on 136 186. A wide range of products are available from nurseries, chemical resellers and hardware stores to control flies and protect fruit from damage.

Image: Meet Ernie, the Queensland fruit fly.

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