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Stay vigilant during Fire Danger Period

Know your total fire ban district signage by the side of the road

Residents and property owners are urged to stay vigilant in maintaining their homes and property throughout the summer. Keep grasses short and your home clear of debris.

Friday 1 February 2019

Mount Alexander Shire Council is encouraging residents and property owners to stay vigilant during summer to help reduce the threat of bushfire on homes and the community.

“Council is receiving a number of calls from community members who are concerned about the long grass in the streets throughout the shire,” said Luke Ryan, Emergency Management Coordinator, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“Given the recent weather conditions we are actually seeing a lot of regrowth during our inspections.

“Many property owners have been doing the right thing but it’s a good chance to remind everyone about the need to maintain your land, keep grasses short and your home clear of kindling and debris such as leaves and bark.”

“Although Council is responsible for maintaining strategic firebreaks throughout the shire residents and land owners are responsible for maintaining their nature strip in urban areas and to the centre of the road in rural areas,” he said.

With the heavy rains before Christmas followed by hot and dry conditions, the shire has seen a burst of fuel growth which has now dried out.

“We are well and truly into the Fire Danger Period, so it is really important we take extra caution while undertaking any mowing and slashing works at this time of the year.

“Start early in the day when it’s cooler, before it gets too hot, dry and windy,” said Mr Ryan.

“If you are using a chainsaw, grass trimmer or lawn mower on dry vegetation ensure that your equipment is fitted with a working spark arrester and that you carry the appropriate fire suppression equipment such as a knapsack water spray pump or water fire extinguisher.”

“Restrictions also apply to the use of farm machinery, tractors, slashers and earthmoving works. This information is in the CFA’s Can I or Can’t I brochure. It’s good practice to keep a copy on hand at this time of the year,” he said.

Avoid doing any type of mowing, slashing or mechanical works on a day of Total Fire Ban because the risk of starting fires is extremely high.

For more information on what you can and can’t do during the declared Fire Danger Period visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au/warnings-restrictions/can.

Residents may have also noticed the new roadside signage promoting important fire safety messages on the way into town. The Mount Alexander Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee received funding for the signage from the Victorian Government’s Safer Together Scheme.

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