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Keep cash flowing in your business

Portrait of Karla Rawles

Learn how to keep the cash flowing at our next small business workshop.

Monday 18 March 2019

Cash flow is the life blood of every small business. Without cash flow things can go wrong very quickly. How you can impact cash flow is the focus of the next small business workshop coordinated by Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“If you’re spending more time juggling cash than running your business, making a profit but still struggling to pay the bills, then this small business workshop is for you,” said Eva Parkin, Economic Development Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“Running out of money is a sure way for a profitable business to fail. With some straightforward financial planning you can make sure that it doesn’t happen to you!”

At the two-hour workshop you’ll learn to identify what’s driving your cash flow, how to manage stock, suppliers and debtors and how to prepare a cash flow forecast so you can avoid a crisis before it hits.

You’ll hear from presenter and business expert Rabi Gunaratnam and will take home tools, templates, resources and more.

The small business workshops have been very popular. Local naturopath and new small business owner Karla Rawles found them to be incredibly beneficial.

“The recent ‘Business Planning Essentials’ workshop was very useful for me to decide where I want to take my business, and, importantly, discover how to get there,” said Ms Rawles.

“The workshop was interactive and there was time for us to start writing our business plan and receive feedback.

“I would recommend this workshop to all new business owners, as it’s easy to feel lost at the start and not know how to prioritise. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet other small business owners and make new local connections,” she said.

Event details

What: Finance Fundamentals – How to keep the cash flowing
When: 6.00pm – 8.00pm (5.45pm for a 6.00pm start), Monday 1 April
Where: Council Chambers, Civic Centre
Cost: $20.00
Book: Via www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/BusinessResources.

Council is partnering with State Government’s Small Business Victoria to deliver the small business workshop series.

Image: The small business workshops have been invaluable to local naturopath Karla Rawles.

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