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Upgrade to accessible carparks

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Monday 24 June 2019

Works will soon start to upgrade four centrally-located carparks in Castlemaine to meet Australian accessibility standards.

Mount Alexander Shire Council identified the priority carparks with the help of Mount Alexander Shire Disability Advocacy Group (MASDAG).

The carparks are located to allow easier access to key sites such as a medical clinic, public toilets and Castlemaine Community House. They are at 23, 64 and 72 Lyttleton Street and 30 Templeton Street.

Three of the four carparks to be upgraded are already accessible spaces.

“The upgrade will provide greater space to ensure people can get in and out of a vehicle more easily,” said Phil Josipovic, Council’s Director Infrastructure and Development.

“The carpark outside 72 Lyttleton Street is located just across from St Mary’s Hall. This new accessible parking space will provide another option for vehicles with a disability parking permit,” he said.

The carpark upgrades will be completed by late July.

The carparks and some adjacent spaces will not be available while the works are underway.

“We apologise for the inconvenience but look forward to seeing the improved spaces being used once they are complete,” said Mr Josipovic.

“Thank you to MASDAG for their help in working with us to identify the priority carparks for upgrade.

When planning the location of accessible carparks Council considers things like kerb and footpath access, street furniture and proximity to key sites and points of interest.

The availability of accessible carparks was highlighted as a priority need in the community survey to better understand the barriers that impact access and inclusion across the shire.

There are currently about 26 accessible and 1,129 on-street carparks in the Castlemaine CBD. That equates to around one for every 43 spaces.

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