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Tree pruning around powerlines now complete

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Monday 18 November 2019

Mount Alexander Shire Council has finished its annual tree pruning program to provide clearance around powerlines in Castlemaine.

The electric safety regulations set out the minimum clearances required between powerlines and trees to reduce the risk of fire, maintain continuity of power supply and electrical safety.

“The team of arborists worked to maintain the shape and character of the trees while ensuring the required safety clearance,” said Stewart Campbell, Coordinator Parks and Gardens, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Council is responsible for maintaining vegetation that may interfere with powerlines on road reserves in the Declared Area of Castlemaine. This does not include trees on private property or areas such as McKenzies Hill, Chewton or Campbells Creek.

The local energy distributor Powercor is responsible for maintaining trees on road reserves outside the Castlemaine boundary. Powercor has the authority to prune trees on private property in order to maintain powerline clearance.

The Country Fire Authority offers an online vegetation clearing tool to determine if you need a permit to clear trees, branches and other vegetation from around your home. For more information visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare.

For more information about the pruning program contact Council on 5471 1700.

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