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Keep your dogs from roaming

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Monday 9 December 2019

A number of recent dog attacks on livestock has led Mount Alexander Shire Council to call on dog owners to ensure their pets are secured and unable to roam.

“We’ve received several calls from distressed farmers about their livestock having been attacked and killed by dogs in the last two months,” said Jeffry Amy, Coordinator Community Safety and Amenity, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

The attacks have occurred in the Walmer and Metcalfe areas.

“A farming family lost a significant proportion of their mob in one night,” said Mr Amy.

“It was incredibly upsetting for them to see their sheep fatally injured and killed in such a brutal way,” he said.

“Dogs can wander kilometres from home. We urge everyone to secure your dog on your property to avoid this happening.

“Pet owners love their pets and farmers love their livestock. Let’s all work together to reduce these attacks.”

Dog attacks on livestock may result in court action, seizure of the dog or the dog being put down. Owners may be responsible for the cost of stock losses.

Dogs that attack livestock may also be declared a dangerous dog, which means there are additional obligations for the owner.

To report a dog attack contact Council’s Local Laws Team on 5471 1700.

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