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Tree pruning to start soon

Mulching machine cutting up branches and loading mulch into truck.

Monday 24 February 2020

Street tree pruning will soon start in Castlemaine, Campbells Creek, Newstead, and McKenzie Hill to protect public safety and improve the appearance of local streets.

“Our street tree maintenance program will start up again in March to improve tree health,” said Stewart Campbell, Coordinator Parks and Gardens, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“The tree pruning works will improve the safety and amenity of the urban street tree population, as part of our tree inspection and maintenance cycle,” he said.

Council aims to ensure street trees are maintained to a high arboricultural standard.

Pruning will remove dead wood from trees and maintain appropriate clearances from roads, footpaths, street lights and signs. Trees identified as dead, dying or hazardous will be removed.

“We won’t be pruning trees on private property, and aim to retain the shape and character of the trees and streetscape as much as possible,” said Mr Campbell.

Trees in the scheduled areas - Campbells Creek, Newstead, McKenzie Hill - and western parts of Castlemaine were last pruned around three years ago.

Council is also undertaking a separate program to preserve trees and protect public safety along the Avenue of Honour on Main Road in Campbells Creek.

The works program is in addition to the annual pruning program to maintain clearance from power lines to meet electric safety regulations.

Council has responsibility for maintaining vegetation that may interfere with powerlines on road reserves in the Declared Area of Castlemaine.

Powercor is responsible for maintaining the trees on road reserves outside the declared area. Pruning works around powerlines by Powercor are currently underway in Maldon.

Image: Our street tree pruning program will start in March.

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