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Dogs On-lead Frequently Asked Questions

Why has this new law been introduced?

The new laws provide a clear framework for the control of dogs and cats in public places across the entire shire and clarifies the requirements of animal owners in relation where and when their pet(s) must be placed on leash.

Stricter rules were needed following complaints that people are allowing their dogs to defecate on sporting areas making it unsafe for players.

What areas does my dog need to be on-lead?

Dogs need to be on a leash when being exercised on the streets and roads in the townships of Castlemaine, Maldon, Chewton and Campbells Creek.

For the safety of pets they must be placed on leash is all other parks and reserves between sunset and 6.00am, or when park maintenance is being performed.

The on-lead rules also apply at community events, festivals, markets, barbeques or picnic areas when in use.

Where can I take my dog off-lead?

The off-lead dog park at Wesley Hill, Castlemaine is a great place to exercise your dog safely. The on-lead requirement only applies to the larger residential townships of Castlemaine, Maldon, Chewton and Campbells Creek.

Where are dogs prohibited?

Dogs are prohibited from children’s playgrounds and the playing surfaces of the ovals listed below:

• Camp Reserve Oval Castlemaine
• Castlemaine War Memorial Stadium
• Western Reserve Oval Castlemaine
• Elsie Palmer Field Oval Castlemaine
• Doug Powell Oval Castlemaine
• Wesley Hill Recreation Reserve Castlemaine
• Chewton Soldiers Memorial Park Oval
• Campbells Creek Recreation Reserve Oval
• John Powell Recreation Reserve Oval Guildford
• Harcourt Recreation Reserve and Leisure Centre Oval
• Cricket Ground and Recreation Reserve Oval Newstead
• Bill Woodfull Reserve Oval Maldon
• Public Recreation Reserve Station Oval Taradale

This also includes any places where Council has placed signs indicating that dogs are prohibited.

Will I be fined if my dog is off-lead?

While the fine for having a dog off-lead is $182.00 Council understands that pet owners will need time to adjust to this and won’t actively be enforcing the changes immediately.

Council is looking forward to working together with the community on the gradual implementation of this, making sure there are plenty of opportunities for pet-owners to access free information to help them adapt their behaviour.

What do I do if I see someone with their dog off-lead?

If you feel comfortable, politely tell them that the rules have changed and if they have concerns to contact Council. Any reports of dogs being exercised off-lead will be investigated by our Rangers.

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