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Council policies

Council policies that are externally focused are made available to the public. Where policies are single documents the links below will open the document.
Where there are a number related documents the link below will open a new page with all the related documents listed.

Access and Equity Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that all employees, community members and citizens are aware of the importance Council places on Access and Equity and to ensure that social resources and opportunities are shared in a fair and equitable way with all community members.

This Policy is available here.

Applicant Objector Meeting Procedure

The purpose of the Policy is to define when an applicant/objector meeting should occur, establish the roles and responsibilities of each meeting attendee, ensure applicant/objector meetings are conducted in a structured and orderly manner and to define the type of outcomes that may be expected from an applicant/objector meeting.

Click on the link to view the Applicant Objector Meeting Procedure.

Asset Naming Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidelines for the naming of roads and community assets within the Mount Alexander Shire and to preserve the Shire’s identity and heritage and to recognise its rich diversity.

Click on the link to view the Asset Naming Policy.

Child Safe Policy

The Child Safe Policy outlines Council’s commitment to child safety by maintaining child safe work standards that promotes the health and wellbeing of children in the shire. Council strives to be a child safe organisation where protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of all employees, contractors and volunteers. Read our Child Safe Policy.

Commitment Statement to the Local Indigenous community

On 10 June 2014, Council endorsed a statement of commitment to the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community. The Dja Dja Wurrung people are the first people of Mount Alexander Region. The commitment statement will form the platform for a number of collaborations between Council and the local Indigenous community.

Click here to view the Commitment to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples of the Shire

Community Engagement Policy

This policy outlines Council's commitment to engaging with the community and its intent to ensure clear and thorough communication in all stages of each community engagement process.

To view this policy please click the link Community Engagement Policy.

Community Support Policy

This policy provides an overarching framework to determine the nature and level of support Council provides to community groups, organisations and Committees.

This Policy is available by clicking here.

Complaints Policy

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council 21 May 2019, Council adopted the Complaints Policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Council handles complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. It sets out the key principles and concepts of complaint management to ensure that any person who wishes to make a complaint has the matter dealt with in an approved and consistent manner. Click to view the Complaints Policy

Council Grants Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that requests for funding support from the community are managed in a consistent, transparent and equitable manner.

Council regularly receives requests from community groups to provide funding support for a range of programs, projects, events and initiatives. Council funding support may be in the form of a grant, donation, sponsorship, fee reduction or waiver. Implementation of the policy will ensure that responses to requests for funding support are managed in a way that aligns identified community need with Council strategic priorities and provides community benefit.

The policy applies to eligible organisations and community groups seeking funding support from Council, either based
in the Mount Alexander Shire or with demonstrated links to communities within the Shire.

Click on the link to view the Council Grants Policy.

Councillor Code of Conduct

The Councillors Code of Conduct describes Councillor conduct, principles, behaviours, Council decision making, confidential information, access to and use of information, use of Council resources, relationships with staff, gifts, communication, conflict of interests, dispute resolution.

This Code was adopted by Council on 21 February 2017.

To view the Councillor Code of Conduct, click here.

Councillor Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

This policy applies to the Councillors and Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire Council. It covers the allowances payable, resources and facilities to be provided and the expenses that may be reimbursed to Councillors and the Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire Council. Mount Alexander Shire Council is not in the practice of reimbursing Committee members (of Council Committees) for expenses incurred in their role as Committee member. Reimbursement would only occur under exceptional circumstances under direction of the CEO.

Click on the link to view the Councillor Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

Dog and Cat Registration Fee Reduction Policy

This policy explains how residents can apply for a reduced pet registration fee either in the event of the passing of a registered pet part way through the year or for a new registration part way through the year. The year used is the registration year from 9 April one year to 10 April the next.

To apply for a Registration Fee Reduction, please call Council offices during business hours on 5471 1700.

Click here to read the Dog and Cat Registration Fee Reduction Policy.

Election Period Policy 2016

Council's revised Election Period Policy was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council 10 May 2016. To see the Election Period Policy, click here.

Fee Waiver Policy

The purpose of the policy allows community groups to request a waiver of the fee for a Planning, Building, or Local Law Permits. Eligible activities are those which can demonstrate a benefit to the Shire community.

Eligible groups are:
• Community groups
• Based within the Shire
• Not for profit

Click on the link to view the Fee Waiver Policy.

Click on the link to view the Fee Waiver Request Policy Form

Film Making in Shire Policy

This Policy provides guidelines for filming within the Mount Alexander Shire Council including: Motion picture photography for television; Feature films; Advertising; Student Film Projects; Documentaries; Musical Videos and Commercial Stills Photography.

Click on the link to view the Film Making in the Shire Policy.

Fraud Control Policy

Council introduced a fraud control policy to ensure that Council employees, contractors, volunteers and councillors are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the prevention and detection of fraud. The financial cost and reputational damage can have a significant effect on an organisation. This policy should be considered in conjunction with the Councillor’s Code of Conduct and Council’s Workplace Code of Conduct.

The policy and its associated Fraud Prevention and Control Procedures form Council’s fraud control framework, including establishing responsibilities for fraud detection and prevention.

Read the Fraud Control Policy.

Flying of Flags Policy

This Policy covers the flying of flags on Council controlled flag poles.

This Policy defines how applications from the Mount Alexander Shire community to fly flags on specific days will be considered.

To view this policy, click here.

Gaming Policy Framework

Council adopted a Gaming Policy Framework at its 14 December 2010 meeting. The purpose of the frame and policy is to guide decision-making on applications for electronic gaming machines and venues in the Shire. The Gaming Policy Framework identifies areas within the Shire that may be more vulnerable to gambling problems, based on socio-economic and demographic indicators.

Click on the link to view the Mount Alexander Shire Gaming Policy Framework

Gift and Hospitality Policy

This policy outlines the process for the acceptance, declaration and allocation of gifts received by Mount Alexander Shire Council staff and Councillors.

On occasion staff and Councillors may be offered a gift or hospitality by members of the public, organisations, and/or visitors. Whilst corporate hospitality may be appropriate recognition at a particular event for a particular occasion, the acceptance of a gift or benefit may be construed as giving rise to an obligation or indebtedness by the council to the person(s) offering the gift or benefit. Therefore, in the interests of probity, and to transparently manage the acceptance or return of gifts, a policy is required that clearly identifies the criteria for acceptance or retum of gifts, and for the registering and receipt for the dissemination of that gift.

Click on the link to view the Gift and Hospitality Policy

Heritage Conservation Policy

The purpose of the Policy is to make clear to the community and Council officers Council’s commitment to preserve, enhance and to promote the heritage significance of the Shire, and to show how this will be pursued.

Click on the link to view the Heritage Conservation Policy.

Housing Access and Equity Policy

This Policy outlines Council’s commitment to ensuing there is housing that meets the needs of all residents of Mount Alexander Shire. It provides an overarching framework outlining the actions Council will undertake to facilitate access to affordable and adaptable housing that meets the needs of the community.

To read the Policy, please click this link.

Information Privacy Policy

Council believes that the responsible handling of personal information is a key aspect of democratic governance, and is strongly committed to protecting an individual's right to privacy. Accordingly, Council is committed to full compliance with its obligations under the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic). In particular, Council will comply with the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Act. This Privacy Policy explains some of these Principles and how they may apply to you.

The main purposes of this Act are:
* To establish a regime for the responsible collection, storage, handling and disclosure of personal information;
* To provide individuals with rights of access to information about themselves which is held by the organisation;
* To provide individuals with the right to request an organisation to correct and amend information about themselves held by the organisation, including information held by contracted service providers.

Click on the link to view the Information Privacy Policy.

Investment Policy

The Investment Policy provides guidelines under which Council must operate when considering the investment of funds. The policy was updated in 2016 to preference investments to financial institutions that do not invest in or finance the fossil fuel industry while maintaining compliance with risk management clauses in the policy. The Investment Policy was endorsed at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 12 April 2016.

Click on the link to view the Investment Policy.

Land Disposal Policy

The Land Disposal Policy outlines a two stage process for the assessment of land to determine if it is surplus to Council and community requirements prior to exchange, transfer or sale. The Policy also outlines Council’s commitment to following the “Local Government Best Practice Guidelines for the Sale, Exchange or Transfer of Land” published by the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Click on the link to view the Land Disposal Policy.

Media Relations Policy

To ensure effective handing of media enquiries and proactive media relations to enhance the communication of Council messages to the community.

Council seeks to continuously improve our relationship with the media to ensure that Council handles all enquiries for information from the media effectively, openly and directly. The goal is to communicate proactively with the media resulting in effective delivery of key messages to the community through the media.

Click on the link to view the Media Relations Policy

Pricing Policy

The aim of this Policy is to provide guidance for setting appropriate levels of fees and charges, taking into account community benefit, user groups and corporate objectives

To view the Policy, click here.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council 21 May 2019, Council adopted the Privacy and Data Protection Policy. The Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) replaced the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic) and this policy reflects the change to a single privacy and data protection framework.

Council considers that the responsible handling of personal information is a key aspect of good corporate governance and is strongly committed to protecting an individual’s right to privacy. To view the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, click here.

Procurement Policy

This policy contains statements of legislation principle, policies and procedures related to the acquisition of goods, services and works by Council. It contains both standard and mandatory requirements and guidelines for officers of the Council. It establishes minimum standards and principles which are to be applied across the organisation in the procurement of goods, services and works. The Policy is reviewed annually and was last adopted by Council on 12 June 2019.

Click on the link to view the current Procurement Policy.

Property Leasing and Licensing Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to describe how Council makes decisions about the licensing and leasing of Council properties to commerical and community tenants.

Click on the link to view the Property Leasing and Licensing Policy.

Public Art Policy

The Purpose of this Policy is to assist Council in guiding strategies for the future implementation of public art across the Shire.

To view the policy click on the Public Art Policy.

Risk Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the management of risk and to define risk management responsibilities. Risk management is the systematic application of management policies, procedures and practices to the tasks of identifying, analysing, evaluating and controlling risk.

To view this Policy please click here.

Rates and Charges Collection and Hardship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for Mount Alexander Shire Council to manage:
• the payment of rates and charges, including the Fire Services Levy;
• applications to enter into special payment arrangements;
• applications to defer payment of rates and charges;
• applications to have rates and charges waived; and
• levying of penalty interest on outstanding rates and charges.

Council aims to assist those ratepayers in genuine financial distress with a policy to defer the rates and charges payable on their property and/or to waive the interest charges payable.

To view this Policy click this link.

Revenue and Debt Collection Policy

The purpose of this policy is to:
• establish a framework for Council to manage a consistent approach for the collection of general fees and charges. Council has a responsibility to recover monies owing to it in a timely and efficient manner in order to finance its operations and ensure effective cash flow management; and
• ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all collection proceedings for both the Council and the debtor.

Click here to view the Revenue and Debt Collection Policy.

Staff Code of Conduct

The Staff Code of Conduct (titled the Workplace Code of Conduct outlines the principles of good conduct and standards of behaviour which the community can expect of Council staff. It describes the general duty of staff to work for the good of the overall community, to meet high standards of integrity and honesty and to deliver services according to Council’s policies, plans and strategies.

Click on the link to view the Staff Code of Conduct.

Statutory and Discretionary Reserve Policy

This policy is to:
(a) ensure that the Mount Alexander Shire Council has established Reserve Funds that account for income that has been received from specific sources for a future application;
(b) establish requirements around the creation of Reserves, transfer to Reserves and subsequent expenditure of funds from these Reserves.

Click here to view Statutory and Discretionary Reserve Policy.

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