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Food Premises

Environmental Health Officers are responsible for food regulation throughout the municipality. This includes the registration of food premises, conducting food sampling and investigating food poisoning outbreaks to make sure that safety standards are maintained.

If you are intending to establish a food business you must obtain approval from the Council’s Public and Environmental Health Unit before commencing trade.

Food businesses include activities that involve the handling of food that is intended for sale. This also includes commercial and charitable organisations.

Renewal of registration - Food Act 1984

The Food Act 1984 mandates that Council cannot renew a registration without an application.

Proprietors of food businesses can now apply to renew their registration on line here

Existing food premises

If you are purchasing an existing food or beverage premises an application to transfer the registration must be lodged with Council.

The new proprietors of the business must notify the Public and Environmental Health Unit of the request to transfer.

Pre-transfer inspection
An inspection of the premises by an Environmental Health Officer should be considered prior to transferring the registration to determine if there are any outstanding works to be completed. Any outstanding works become the responsibility of the new proprietor after the transfer of ownership.

A statement from the proprietor will need to be obtained giving Council permission to release information to a prospective purchaser. Fees apply for requests for inspections on registered premises. Please contact the Public and Environmental Health Unit for details.

Transfer of registration
Prior to purchase or after purchasing a food business you must complete the Application to Transfer form. This must be returned to Council with details of the Food Safety Program, the Food Safety Supervisor's Certificate of Attainment and the relevant fee attached. Class 3 premises no longer require a Food Safety Supervisor but must keep minimum records. For information regarding food premises classes see the link below.

Once Council receives this information, we will issue a Certificate of Registration in the name of the new proprietor.

To be granted approval of registration transfer the following criteria must be met:

· Submit the Application to Transfer form and fee attached
· Prepare a copy of the Food Safety Plan (if required)
· Copy of the Food Safety Supervisor's certificate (if required)

For application forms and to request an inspection report please refer to the link below.

New food premises

Before being granted approval for registration of a new food business the following criteria must be met.

New food business starter kit

Council now has available a New Food Business Starters Kit. The kit has been developed to assist you in purchasing an existing premises or starting from scratch. See link below. For further information contact an Environmental Health Officer on (03) 5471 1700 or complete a service request form

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