Frederick Street precinct design project


This project involves major upgrades to Frederick Street in Castlemaine. 

The aim of works is to create a vibrant public space that has improved pedestrian and cycling access, more seating, and opportunities for public art. 

Project overview

In May 2017, Mount Alexander Shire Council engaged Tract Consultants Pty Ltd to review the existing streetscape conditions and prepare a strategic plan to further enhance the town centre while preserving the rich history.

One of the key priorities was to undertake a streetscape upgrade of Frederick Street and Mechanics Lane located between Mostyn Street and Templeton Street. The review of the existing infrastructure identified that road and footpath assets required reconstruction which was seen as an opportunity to implement Council’s streetscape plan as part of the works.

This project is for the design development of Frederick Street and Mechanics Lane and will help Council to achieve the objectives as listed in the streetscape plan. These works will be the first stage of a much larger vision for Castlemaine to be a vibrant and attractive centre which maintains and enhances its heritage values, serves the needs of local residents, attracts tourists and other visitors, and promotes the growth and viability of retail traders and other businesses.


Design considerations

Local residents and businesses have provided considerable feedback after public viewing of the concept plans for the Frederick Street precinct

Feedback included:

  • Improving pedestrian and cycling access along with landscaping and plantings
  • Maintaining vehicle access and on street car parking
  • Increasing seating and opportunities for public art
  • Where possible, this feedback will be included within the detailed design. 

The detailed design will include:

  • At-grade (level) footpath and kerbs for many areas, to improve pedestrian access and amenity
  • Upgrades to pavement surfaces
  • A shared zone recognising cyclists and pedestrians as equal users of the street
  • An increase in public safety measures through the addition of public lighting
  • Street trees and other plantings throughout the precinct
  • Stormwater drainage will be upgraded
  • Reuse of existing heritage materials
  • Undergrounding of existing overhead power
  • Car parking. 

Where are we now

Detailed design works are currently underway.