Phee Broadway Theatre foyer


The Phee Broadway Theatre foyer is currently hosting the Phee Broadway Theatre Foyer exhibition program, which supports a diverse and rich collection of work from individual artists, group shows and community organisations.

Current and upcoming exhibiting artists

24 July
– 2 September 2024

Light’s Cutting Edge
Artist: Gayle Cykner

This exhibition explores the stuff all around us, our environment, much of which we take for granted. Drawn to light and shadow, Gayle’s work focuses on the minutia of life, and its colour and shape.

4 September– 21 October 2024

Artists: Windarring

With a focus on native birds and animals, Windarring artists, who are people with various disabilities, have come together as a group, combining their imagination and skills in craft, woodwork and art to proudly create impressive collages.

23 October – 16 December 2024

Mosaics by Julie
Artist: Julie Shaw

This exhibition features the mosaic work of local artist Julie Shaw who uses tiles, crockery and found materials to create a variety of colourful images, including people, gardens and cities. It is a celebration of the mosaic medium, and explores the potential for different designs and approaches to making mosaic work.

18 December 2024 – 3 February 2025

Joy Ahead
Artist: Jody Galvin

This exhibition is a series of wire/paper works made by emerging artist Jody Galvin. Jody paints abstract acrylic works on paper and hand crochets copper wire forms, then joins the two mediums together. The exhibition is an opportunity to forget about the darkness in the world for a moment and enjoy the bright colours and beautiful shadows that the work creates, creating a sense of positivity and joy ahead!

5 February – 24 March 2025

Creations from Agitation Hill
Artists: Leonie Auhl, Gary Beaumont, Jill Brennan, Amanda Fennessy, Marianne Heard, Julie Henchman, Brian Heydon, Richard Hollis, Allison Howarth, Christine King, Beverley Larwell, Suki Lee, Lesley Little, Chris Moule, Vivien Pells.

This group exhibition features Agitation Artists, a social group with a desire to learn and expand knowledge on art and creativity. It includes members’ explorations of different mediums including prints, pastel, mixed media, collage, watercolour, oil painting, gouache, acrylic and photography. Education in art is one of the main aims of the group, and members are welcome anytime.

26 March – 5 May 2025

World Views
Artist: Brian Heydon

This exhibition of oil on canvas explores beautiful landscapes from Australia and Europe. Brian Heydon shares his vision of the landscape about him, and the environments portrayed range from dry sclerophyll in inland Australia to rich and verdant coastal scenes in Iberia. The paintings depict pristine landscapes without human forms or cultural modifications, representing idealised natural environments free of the clutter of daily urban life.

7 May – 23 June 2025

Arts Space 25
Artists: Sonia and Kristina Browning

Well-known local artists Sonia and Kristina Browning present a collection of paintings and printmaking charting their travels, including sights seen and characters captured. Works include acrylics on canvas and works on paper. 


Read more about the current program on our News and updates page.

Location and opening hours


Mechanics Lane, Castlemaine (enter via Castlemaine Library)

Opening hours

  • Monday to Wednesday: 10.00am-6.00pm
  • Thursday: 10.00am-8.00pm
  • Friday: 10.00am-6.00pm
  • Saturday: 9.30am-3.00pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Exhibition space

The proposed artwork must fit within the display areas.

There are three walls available for use in total:

  • 2x wall panels - 3m wide x 1.5m tall
  • 1x wall panel - 3m wide x 2m tall

The work is hung on a professional hanging system. The height of the hanging rail allows for single and double hanging.

Duration and staffing

The Phee Broadway Theatre foyer is not staffed or supervised so all artwork is exhibited at the artist's or organisation's own risk.

Each exhibition is generally allocated four-six weeks, though requests are considered for shorter or longer periods.

Commissions and sales

Each exhibition should be accompanied by a listing of works or catalogue, and include contact details for the public.

Any sales or enquiries should be made directly with the artist or organisation as Council does not act as an agent.

Should there be any sales of artwork as a result of the exhibition Council will not take any commission.

Launches and other events associated with the exhibition

If you wish to have any associated events to support the exhibition, such as an artist talk or opening, please make this proposal at the point of submitting your expression of interest.

Any associated activities will ideally occur on a Thursday evening before 8.00pm and will be confirmed with the applicant if successful.

Use of the foyer floor space for exhibition launches, artist talks or readings must be booked and confirmed prior to any promotional material being distributed.

Contact us

For more information on the Phee Broadway Theatre foyer program, email us at