School crossing safety

Council's team of school crossing supervisors attend a number of school crossings throughout the Shire.

School Location Morning Afternoon
Campbells Creek Primary School Main Road 8.15 - 9.05am 3.20 - 3.55pm
Castlemaine Primary School Forest Street 8.15 - 9.05am 3.10 - 3.40pm
Castlemaine Primary School Urquhart Street 8.20 - 9.10am 3.05 - 3.45pm
Castlemaine North Primary Barker Street 8.05 - 9.20am 2.45 - 3.55pm
Castlemaine North Primary Hunter Street 8.05 - 9.15am 3.05 - 3.55pm
Castlemaine North Primary Hargraves Street 8.05 - 9.15am 3.05 - 3.55pm
St Mary's Primary School Hargraves Street 8.20 - 9.10am 3.15 - 4.00pm
Harcourt Valley Primary Calder Highway 8.00 - 8.55am 3.25 - 4.00pm
Maldon Primary School High Street 8.30 - 9.10am 3.00 - 3.35pm
Winters Flat Primary School Johnstone Street 8.15 - 9.00am 3.15 - 3.55pm
Winters Flat Primary School Ray Street 8.20 - 9.00am 3.15 - 3.55pm

A driver must not stop on a children's crossing, or on the road within 20 metres before the crossing and 10 metres after the crossing unless the driver stops at a place on a length of road, or in an area, to which a parking control sign applies and the driver is permitted to stop at that place.

Stopping your vehicle too close to a children's crossing may mean that a child entering the crossing can't see or be seen by an approaching car. When a children's crossing is in operation (i.e. when the flags are displayed) you must stop.