Levee banks project

We've seen many homes in the shire flooded by recent major rain events. In particular, Campbells Creek, Chewton and Castlemaine are all vulnerable, as we saw in 2022.

Following flooding in 2010, 2011 and 2012 a Flood Management Plan for the area was developed. The plan aims to reduce the impact of flooding.

Recommendations include:
  • Carry out infrastructure activities – build six levee banks and undertake waterway improvements
  • Develop a strategic plan for urban waterways
  • Review flood warning systems
  • Amend the planning scheme to adopt flood model mapping.
Following community consultation, we adopted the plan in 2015. Council has been in the development stage of this project as of 2022.

What is the project?

This project focusses on the infrastructure-related recommendations – the levee banks and waterway improvements. These will protect nearby homes, businesses, roads and footpaths.

The project includes:
  • 100m earthen and concrete levee at Central Cabins and Van Park in Castlemaine
  • 430m earthen and concrete levee at Elizabeth Street in Castlemaine
  • 580m earthen and concrete levee at Campbells Creek township
  • 50m earthen levee at National School Lane in Campbells Creek
  • Waterway improvements downstream of Alexandra Bridge in Campbells Creek.
Expert engineers GHD identified the best locations for the levees and waterway activities. We then consulted the community on preliminary designs for these levees improvement activities.

There was no community support for the two recommended levees along Gingell Street, Castlemaine. There is currently no timeline for those levees.

What phase of the project are we in?

We are in the Development phase of this project. This means finalising designs and securing permits and approvals so we can build.

Please note this phase DOES NOT include construction of the levees.

Construction will only begin once:
  • We have all permits and approvals
  • Detailed Design has been completed
  • Funding has been sourced
  • Councillors approve the budget.

What happens in the development phase?

During the development phase we will:
  • Finalise design drawings so they are ready to send for tender
  • Provide project update information to the community
  • Formalise a Cultural Heritage Management Plan and Land User Activity Agreement
  • Resolve land encroachment issues, establish easements and acquire land as required
  • Obtain planning permit approvals for levee construction
  • Update cost assumptions
  • Prepare required documentation for Council to consider entering the Delivery phase (construction).
We expect to complete the current development phase of the project in 2024.

Can you discuss the project with us?

If you would like to discuss this project further please contact our engineering team on 5471 1835, or email info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

Project updates

September 2023

The Detailed Design was awarded to Stantec, a Melbourne based consultancy, who have completed a gap analysis and determined what information is needed to complete the Detailed Design.

To ensure that the proposed levee banks are located outside of private property, Council has requested a quote from surveyors for a title re-establishment survey. This will also identify any structures that may inadvertently be located outside of private property and within the proposed levee alignment.

Council has hand-delivered letters to several residents/owners along the proposed levee bank alignment. The letter informed them of the upcoming surveys and geotechnical investigation.

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August 2023

The Detailed Design has been awarded to Stantec, a Melbourne based consultancy. An initial meeting between Council and the consultant was held to ensure milestones and their dates were defined.

Consultants and their contractors will be on site in the coming months to assess the levee locations for vegetation, services and accessibility to then determine final detailed designs for each levee for their specific location.

Once this is complete, Council will progress to the delivery stage, which includes construction of the levees.

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July 2023

The Detailed Design, which includes levee locations, materials and construction standards, has been awarded to a contractor. The levee designs aim to enhance accessibility, serviceability and durability.

Due to the complexities associated with each of the levees, they are planned to be delivered in a staged manner.

Council is currently in the development stage of this project, which includes finalising designs, and securing permits and approvals.

Once this is complete, Council will progress to the delivery stage, which includes construction of the levees.

Construction on the first levee is expected to commence in 2024.

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