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Thematic History

Council has completed a Thematic History of the Shire. A thematic history identifies key themes which are pivotal to understanding the evolution of Mount Alexander Shire and what distinguishes it. It is not a chronological account of all historical events that have occurred and every institution that has existed. It allows a focus on key historical and cultural processes. The nine themes identified in the study can also be used by others wanting to implement a thematic approach to local history, exhibition or archives.

There are two volumes to the Thematic History, Volume 1 is a short volume of recommendations, Volume 2 contains the thematic history. The thematic history was written by RBA Architects and Conservation Consultants.

Mount Alexander Shire Thematic Heritage Study - Introduction and Recommendations - Volume 1(PDF, 516KB)

Mount Alexander Shire Thematic Heritage Study - Thematic History - Volume 2(PDF, 13MB)

Heritage Studies

There are a number of conservation and heritage studies which have been undertaken in this Municipality and the Municipalities which made up the Shire before amalgamations. These studies hold vital information about the heritage of the Shire and record many historic buildings and sites.

Some of these studies were undertaken in the 1970s and 1990s and as a result are in a non-digital format. Unfortunately the quality of the mapping and images is very poor compared to today's standards. The copies below have been scanned and file sizes reduced to allow public access to these important documents. Some hardcopies are held by the Castlemaine Library and Council's Heritage Officer.

You can find the heritage study that relates to your location in the table below.

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