Apply to change or extend a planning permit

Changing your planning permit after it is approved

Council may request changes or you may request a change to your planning permit if you believe the proposal needs to be altered. The process for applying to amend a planning permit is similar to applying for a new permit.

An application to amend a permit or plans must include:

  • A completed Application to amend a planning permit(PDF, 865KB) form
  • A set of plans
  • A current copy of the title for each individual parcel of land forming the subject site
  • Payment of the fee (see fee schedule on this page)
  • Deliver application in person, by post or by email. See form for details.

Please note, amending a permit does not change its expiry date.

Extending the expiry date of a planning permit

After a planning permit is approved, it has a limited lifespan. Unless the permit specifies otherwise, the owner or occupier of the land must:

  • start the development or land use within two years of the approval date
  • complete the work within four years.

If you are requesting to extend an existing planning permit, you must make this request:

  • before or within six months after the permit expiry commencement date, if the use or development allowed by the permit has not yet started
  • within 12 months after the permit expiry completion date, if the development allowed by the permit has lawfully started before the permit expires.

Any application for an extension of time must include:

We cannot extend a permit if the request is made outside the above timeframes, and VCAT are also unable to approve requests outside the relevant timeframe.