Public registers

In line with public transparency principles, Council makes lots of information available on our website to make it easily accessible to the community.

Campaign donation returns

The Chief Executive Officer must ensure that following a general election a summary of each election campaign donation return(PDF, 272KB) given to them is made available on the council's website.

If an election campaign donation return is given after the period specified, the Chief Executive Officer must ensure that a summary of the return is made available on the website.

The Chief Executive Officer must ensure that a summary of an election campaign donation return is made available on the website until the close of the roll for the next general election.

The Chief Executive Officer must ensure that a copy of an election campaign donation return is available for inspection at council offices during normal office hours for a period of four years from the date that it is given.

Delegations and authorisations

Council must keep a public register of delegations of its powers, duties or functions made to the Chief Executive Officer and members of any delegated committees.

Council maintains a register of delegations sub-delegated by the Chief Executive Officer to members of council staff and of people appointed by it to be authorised officers for the purposes of the administration and enforcement of any Act, regulations or local laws which relate to the functions and powers of the council.

Council also maintains and makes available to the public a register of authorised officers appointed under s.224 and s.224(1A) of the Local Government Act 1989.  

Copies of full Instruments of Delegation are available upon request or to view at council offices.

Gift Register

Council has adopted a Gift Register Policy which outlines the position on responding to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality to ensure transparency and accountability.

Related documents:

Mount Alexander Shire Council Gift Register(PDF, 454KB)

Personal interest returns

The Local Government Act 2020 requires Councillors and Nominated Officers of Mount Alexander Shire Council to complete Personal Interest Returns.

A Personal Interest Return must be completed within 30 days of the commencement in their role, and then biannually in March and September of each subsequent year.

The Victorian Government imposes penalties for false and incomplete information provided in any Personal Interest Return, and for failing to lodge the Personal Interest Return within the legislated timeframes.

Council is required to provide public access to a summary of the Personal Interest Return's which have been lodged.

Documents available for public inspection

Under the Local Government Act a number of Council documents must be made available for public inspection, if they are not available on Council's website..

The documents are available for inspection during normal business hours at the Civic Centre, cnr Lyttleton Street and Lloyd Street Castlemaine.

Some documents are not hosted online, please contact us to view these.

  • Details of overseas or interstate travel (with the exception of interstate travel by land for less than 3 days) undertaken in an official capacity by Councillors or any member of Council staff in the previous 12 months
  • Minutes of open meetings of special committees (established under section 86 of the Act) held in the previous 12 months.
  • A register of delegations kept under sections 87 (1) and 98 (4) of the Act and when the last review took place.
  • Details of all property, finance and operating leases involving land, buildings, plant, computer equipment or vehicles entered into by the Council as lessor or lessee.
  • A register of authorised officers appointed under section 224 of the Act.
  • A list of donations and grants made by the Council during the financial year.