A-Z guide to waste and recycling

Check our A-Z guide to find out how to recycle or dispose of unwanted items in Mount Alexander Shire.

For more information download the Guide to residential recycling and waste(PDF, 2MB).

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  • Empty aluminium cans can be put in your recycling bin (yellow lid). 


  • Animal droppings must be bagged and should go in your rubbish bin (red lid).


  • Bandages and band aids go in the rubbish bin (red).


Under no circumstances should batteries be placed in household rubbish and recycling bins. Fires occur regularly as a result of batteries being placed in rubbish bins. 


  • Donate items in good condition to charity or-
  • Put in your recycling bin (yellow).


  • Plastic and metal bottle tops go in the recycling bin (yellow).


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