Help shape Mount Alexander Shire

A core principle of our 2021-2025 Council Plan is that we genuinely engage with our community. 

We see every day the importance of working with the people who live here in driving decision making and ensuring the community is creative and connected.

Effective community engagement will ensure the community’s and Council’s visions and goals are shared and achieved. It will also lead to fair and equitable decision making, and build strong and lasting relationships between Council, organisations and communities.

We maintain our online engagement platform, Shape Mount Alexander, as a place where you can learn about projects we're engaging with you on, and how we're doing it. 

At Shape, you'll find both digital and in-person opportunities to make your voice heard, collaborate on the things that make your community special, and help bring attention to issues in our long-term planning efforts. 

Projects currently open on Shape

Leave your ideas and feedback anytime

Let's keep talking is a space on Shape for you to keep talking with us, by leaving your ideas and feedback at a time that's good for you. It also includes details on our upcoming Councillor listening posts.

Councillor listening posts  

Meet your local Councillor face-to-face and tell them what matters most to you, ask questions or learn more about local government.