Mechanics Lane

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Mechanics Lane is located in the heart of Castlemaine, on the corner of Frederick Street and opposite the library.

It’s an outdoor space that runs live music, performances and community events. To view our upcoming events, please visit our Events Page.

For more information contact Sam Thomas, Creative Programs Officer on 03 5471 1700 or

The use of the space on the corner of Mechanics Lane and Frederick Street is thanks to Telstra. 

Public art in Mechanics Lane

The Mechanics Lane temporary public art program supports local artists to create new visual arts experiences in a well visited local laneway.  

From December 2023 to January 2024 the laneway exhibited a series of works by six21nineteen and Ventablack, two young visual artists who explore the interior worlds of street artists with the aim to start a conversation about self-expression in public and private spaces.

About the artworks

This series of photographs depicted the intimate, private, legal and home-based spaces of local young street artists.

This unique photo essay explored the creative practice of street art and documents the lengths that young artists go to in order to hone their creative skills and to explore their ideas legally. These artists frequently feel demonised and misunderstood by the broader community, and many young artists live by a strong code of ethics around where, how and why they paint.

This photo essay sought to give a visual voice to young artists by representing their creative practice within their private spaces, demystifying their mode of self-expression, motivations and creative passions. This was a rare and intimate lens into the spaces of young street artists.

 ‘We paint things to make them look better. Things that are grey and broken and boring. It’s about creating not destroying.’

- six21nineteen and Ventablack

This project was a partnership between Mount Alexander Shire Council and Castlemaine Secondary College.