Parking fines and restrictions

Information about parking restrictions in Mount Alexander Shire, and how to pay a fine.

Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions ensure everyone can access a car park in Castlemaine. They:
  • give people fair access to shops and community facilities
  • keep emergency areas, clearways and school crossings clear
  • help the flow of traffic and allow residents to park close to home.

Parking tips

Check parking signs every time you park your car, even if you are familiar with the area. There may be several different restrictions operating in one street. For example in Mostyn Street Castlemaine, the following zones apply:
  • Free one hour areas
  • 15 minute parking
  • Disabled parking bays
  • Loading zones
  • No stopping areas
  • Taxi zone
  • Bus zone short

Parking fines

Parking and traffic laws apply to ensure the safe and fair use of Victoria's roads. If you park illegally in the shire, you risk a fine. If you do not pay the fine, extra costs will be added.

Instructions for paying the fine can be found on the infringement notice. You can also pay the fine online.

Pay your fine online now


How can I request a review of a parking fine?

You can apply to Council to review your parking fine and Council will assess your application.

What are the costs if I don't pay my parking fine?

If you do not pay a fine issued by Council by the due date, and your fine is not being reviewed, then costs are added to the initial fine amount.

How can I contest an infringement notice?

You may submit a request for a review of your Infringement Notice in writing. Please post to the address below or email:

Community Safety & Amenity Mount Alexander Shire Council PO Box 185, Castlemaine VIC 3450

What if I can’t pay my fine?

Payment plan options are available. Contact us to discuss a payment plan.

How can I pay my fine?

Payment options include online, credit card and in person.

Report illegal parking

You can report illegally parked vehicles to Council if you see a vehicle:

  • Parked longer in an area than the time limit allows
  • On a clearway
  • On a school crossing or near a school
  • In a no stopping or no parking zone
  • Blocking access, such as across a driveway
  • In a disabled parking zone
  • On a nature strip, footpath or centre strip.

Contact us to report illegal parking.