Council's role in an emergency

What does Council do before, during and after an emergency? 


Before an emergency Council will do the following:

  • Prepare, maintain, test/exercise and train personnel in emergency management plans and procedures.
  • Implement risk reduction and prevention measures, such as planning and building codes, private property fire prevention inspections, and roadside slashing.
  • Contribute to community education and awareness to improve preparedness.
  • Identify and prepare Emergency Relief Centres, Neighbourhood Safer Places, and Recovery Centres.


Depending on the nature of the emergency Council will do the following:

  • Activate the Municipal Operation Centre (MOC). The MOC is utilised, primarily to coordinate Council’s responsibilities on the Response, Relief and Recovery stages during a major emergency.
  • Open and operate Emergency Relief Centres – if there is a major emergency in the Mount Alexander Municipality or surrounding areas we may open a relief centre in a Council building or public hall. There will be a range of services to help people affected by the emergency. This may include assistance with food and water, accommodation, support services and access to grants and financial aid.
  • Support emergency services by providing equipment to assist with managing the emergency. This includes the provision of graders to assist with installing fire breaks and water trucks to provide additional water to fire trucks.


After an emergency Council will do the following:

  • Coordinate recovery services such as clean-up, repair and restoration activities.
  • Manage environmental health issues such as food and sanitation safety.
  • Assist with ongoing recovery activities in conjunction with government agencies.

In an emergency

If you need urgent emergency assistance please call:

  • 000 for police, fire or ambulance
  • 132 500 for flood and storm assistance