What your rates pay for

Your rates help fund over 100 services, facilities and programs in Mount Alexander Shire.

These services help the youngest members of our community all the way through to our senior residents.

Rates help us support and maintain community spaces such as parks, gardens, sporting facilities, libraries, playgrounds and art galleries.

Rates fund public lighting, tree planting and environmental initiatives.

Rates also provide business and economic development opportunities, community planning, waste management, and infrastructure like bridges, roads and footpaths.

Your rates help create a healthy, connected shire.

Where $100 of rates goes



Services your rates support

  • Aged care and disability services
  • Bridges, roads and footpaths
  • Cleaning and maintenance of public restrooms
  • Communications and customer service
  • Community buildings
  • Community grants funding
  • Community partnerships
  • Control of domestic animals and livestock
  • Cultural Development
  • Drains
  • Emergency management
  • Environment and sustainability policies and projects
  • Food premises inspection and registration services
  • Health, welfare and community services
  • Household rubbish collection
  • Kerbside recycling collection
  • Libraries
  • Litter control
  • Monitoring and approval of septic tank systems
  • Parks
  • Pest control services
  • Pet registration
  • Physical and recreational community activities
  • Planning and building services
  • Public lighting
  • Recreation, sport and leisure facilities
  • School holiday programs
  • Skate parks
  • Street beautification
  • Swimming pools
  • Traffic management
  • Tree planting
  • Tourism and business development services
  • Youth services and events


Rates make up around 66% of our operating revenue.

To see our planned spending for this financial year view our 2022/2023 Budget(PDF, 614KB).

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