Trees and vegetation

We are fortunate to have many tree lined avenues and streets throughout the shire, along with a range of mature exotics and native trees.

We manage trees to sustain and protect the landscape, and meet the requirements of the community.

Council’s tree management policy aims to conserve and improve tree cover, understory and general landscaping around the shire, and to protect public safety.


Tree pruning and removal

Council maintains vegetation along the shire's roadsides and has an annual targeted tree pruning program that aims to improve tree health and public safety.

The works remove dead wood and maintain appropriate clearances from roads, footpaths, street lights and signs.

We do not remove healthy vegetation unless it poses a safety issue, site obstruction or affects the flow of vehicular or foot traffic.

To request pruning or removal of a tree on Council land please contact us.

Requests will be inspected by a Council officer to determine if any works are required. If works are required they will be scheduled in accordance with the degree of risk and available resources.

Street tree planting

Parks and Gardens assess all requests for tree planting.

Trees are selected for planting based on their suitability for the site, the required characteristics of the species and potential to contribute to landscape character.

Street tree planting or replacement tree planting is not undertaken outside of township/urban boundaries.

Can I plant my own tree?

Unless approval is obtained, residents are not permitted to plant trees and shrubs within the nature strip or other sites within the road reserve or a park.

As Council is responsible for trees on road reserves and parks it is always best to contact us and discuss your proposal. It is important that only those tree species and planting locations deemed appropriate are utilised.

Elm Leaf Beetle

There are approximately 750 Elm trees growing within streets and parks in Mount Alexander Shire.

Elm Leaf Beetle can be a serious pest for elm trees as repeated defoliation over successive seasons can weaken elms, increasing their susceptibility to other stresses and may eventually contribute to tree death.

Elm trees within the shire’s urban areas are inspected annually and treated to control the effects of the beetle.

The control of an infestation of Elm Leaf Beetle upon a tree located on Council managed land in the shires Rural Zone and within private property is not undertaken by Council.

For more information regarding trees, contact us.