Transfer station charges

Find our various charges for our transfer stations (tips) below. 

Items incurring no charge

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminium, steel and aerosol cans
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and containers from kitchen and bathroom
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Scrap steel
  • Batteries
  • drumMUSTER labelled empty agricultural and vet chemical containers
  • Paper and cardboard. *Household quantities only: no charge if clean and less than a trailer load (6’ x 4’) equivalent to 0.7 m3
  • Motor oil

General waste

Type of waste  Charge
General waste (m3 $69 / m3
General waste (tonne)  $196 / tonne
General Waste Trailer (6' x 4') equivalent to 0.7 m3 $48.30 / trailer 
General Waste Trailer (6' x 4') heaped equivalent to 1.5 m3 $103.50 / trailer 
General Waste Trailer (8' x 5') equivalent to 1.2 m3 $82.80 / trailer 
General Waste Trailer (8' x 5') heaped equivalent to 2.4 m3 $166 / trailer 

Glass recycling

Glass bottles and jars are accepted at the Castlemaine and Maldon transfer stations.

Drop them off in the purple bins, and they’ll be recycled.

Plus, it’s free! Great for the environment and your hip pocket.

Frequently asked questions

What glass CAN be taken to the purple bins?
  • Glass bottles
    i.e. beer bottles, wine bottles, glass soft drink bottles, sauce/condiment bottles

  • Glass jars
    i.e. sauce/condiment jars

Please remove any lids or corks before placing in the purple bins.

What glass CANNOT be taken to the purple bins?
  • Drinking glasses
  • Broken crockery
  • Storage and baking ware
  • Perfume bottles
  • Window glass

These types of glass are made from a different melting point to the glass bottles and jars that beverages and condiments come in. This means that they can’t be recycled using the same process.

Do I need to pay a fee to drop off glass bottles and jars?

No. This is a free service.

Do I need to remove lids, corks and labels?

Yes. You need to remove lids and corks from glass bottles and jars because they are made from mental or plastic, and can’t be recycled using the same process.

You can place lids in your kerbside recycling bin if they are larger than a 50 cent coin.

Labels can be left on glass bottles and jars.

Do I need to clean my glass bottles and jars before taking them to the purple bins?

No. There’s no need to waste water cleaning your glass bottles and jars. Just make sure they are empty.

Why are there glass-only recycling bins at the transfer stations?

Glass is compacted during the collection process, so it breaks and becomes embedded in paper, cardboard, plastic and metal materials. This results in a lower quality to recyclable products.

Placing your glass bottles and jars in the purple bins will drastically improve the quality of all recyclable materials.

What will happen to the glass that I take to the purple bins?

The glass bottles and jars will be recycled and turned into products such as sand for road bases.

Can I still put glass in my kerbside recycling bin?

Yes. You can put your glass bottles and jars in your kerbside recycling bins.

Green waste

Type of waste Charge
Green waste (m3 $22.80 / m3 
Green waste trailer (6' x 4') equivalent to 0.7 m3 $15.70 / load
Green Waste Trailer (6' x 4') heaped equivalent to 1.5 m3 $33.50 / load


Type of waste Charge
Motor Bike and Car Tyres $10.70 / tyre
Motor Bike and Car Tyres with Rims $30.50 / tyre
Truck Tyres $36.50 / tyre
Truck Tyres with Rims $72.60 / tyre
Tractor Tyres $76.10 / tyre
Motor Oil for Recycling Free
Motor oil plastic container (empty) Free



 Type of waste Charge
E-waste category 1 - extra large (e.g. large TV, monitor, microwave, white goods) $20.80 / item
E-waste category 2 - large (e.g. printer, fan, laptop) $10.70 / item
E-waste category 3 - medium (e.g. power tool, tablet, toaster, kettle, hair dryer) $5.10 / item
E-waste category 4 - small (e.g. mobile phone, toy with electrical cord, small computer part) $1.00 / item



For information and regulations on asbestos disposal at the Castlemaine Transfer Station visit the Asbestos page.

Type of waste Charge
Asbestos (packaged domestic) $250.00 /m3


Type of waste Charge
Asbestos (packaged domestic) $250.00 /m3
Gas bottle (small)  $11.70 / bottle
Mattress or bed base $26.90 / item
Mixed rubble (bricks, concrete etc.) $60 / m3

Please note - clean bricks and concrete can be taken to ASQ Castlemaine. Fees may apply.