About planning scheme amendments

A planning scheme amendment is a change to the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme.

Council can undertake a planning scheme amendment to:
  • Rezone land
  • Apply or remove a planning overlay to land
  • Change or introduce a local policy
  • Make minor changes to a zone or overlay through a schedule to the zone or overlay.
Only Council or the Minister for Planning can undertake a planning scheme amendment. Other individuals, companies, or authorities can request Council or the Minister do so on their behalf.

An amendment follows a statutory process. In general a planning scheme amendment will take 12-18 months from when Council begins the process.

When can I have input?

There are three key stages for public input.

The first opportunity is when Council conducts a study or prepare a planning scheme amendment.

The second and key opportunity is at public exhibition. We exhibit all amendments we undertake for at least a month.

Members of the public can make a submission:
  • Supporting the amendment
  • Supporting the amendment subject to changes
  • Opposing the amendment.
Your submission must be in writing, and include contact details. We must ensure all objections or proposed changes are addressed or incorporated. Failing that, we may refer the amendment to a planning panel.

The planning panel process is the final stage for public input. Only those who made a submission are able to present to the panel. The public may attend and observe. The panel will also consider all written submissions.

Can I get land rezoned or the Planning Scheme changed?

Council can seek an amendment at the request from a landowner. The requestor will need to prepare all amendment documentation at their own expense.

Amendment proposals must align with Council planning policy and the planning scheme. They must also align with Council's long-term planning strategies. We recommend contacting the Strategic Planning team before formally seeking an amendment.

There is no guarantee that the amendment will be adopted by Council or approved by the Minister for Planning.

Find out more about requesting a planning scheme amendment(PDF, 382KB).


Privacy disclosure

A planning scheme amendment is a public statutory process.
All relevant documents are public, including submissions and objections.
All submissions are available for viewing on request from the date the submission is lodged. They remain available until two months after the amendment has come into effect or lapsed.