VicSmart Planning Permit

VicSmart is a fast-track process for straightforward applications.

Key features of VicSmart include:

  • process takes 10 business days
  • applications are not advertised
  • information to be submitted with an application and what council can consider is pre-set
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the council or delegate decides the application.

You can use VicSmart to apply for:

  • minor subdivisions
  • minor buildings and works
  • tree removal and lopping
  • small advertising signs
  • car parking reductions.

Not all application types will be eligible for the VicSmart process though. 

Is your application eligible for VicSmart?

For details on VicSmart elgibility, visit the VicSmart permits page on Victorian Government website.

Forms, fees and checklists

Refer to Forms, fees and checklists page for further information.

Apply for a VicSmart application

Prepare your application

Include the following in your application:

  • Note: written confirmation from Goulburn Murray Water must be obtained before lodging an application with Council. Download the application from the Goulburn Murray Water website
  • A recent copy of Certificate of Title (within three months). This can be obtained from the Landata website
  • Copy of plans and supporting documents 
  • Read the checklists on the VicSmart website to ensure you have included any additional information required for your application.

Lodge your application

The easiest and fastest way of submitting your application is online using My Mount Alexander.

Submit your application online:

1. Register or log in to My Mount Alexander online platform

2. On the right hand side select ‘Submit an Application or Amendment’

3. On the 'Enquiries' page click ‘Start’

4. On the 'Type of Application' page, find the permit type and click ‘Start’

5. Provide all the development details

6. Attach all supporting documents

7. Finalise  and ‘Lodge’ the application


You can also lodge your application via email or in person using the VicSmart Permit Application(PDF, 916KB) form.


In person:
Civic Centre
27 Lyttleton Street,
Castlemaine 3450