Curb or remove graffiti

We take the issue of graffiti seriously and encourage members of our community to do the same.

If you see someone defacing property with graffiti, please call the police on 131 444.

On this page is useful information about where to report graffiti, who is responsible for removing it and what steps Council is taking to manage the issue.

What to do if you see graffiti

Council property

It’s the responsibility of Council to remove graffiti from Council-owned properties and assets.

This includes buildings, footpaths, bike lanes, public bathrooms, playgrounds and play equipment, bus shelters, Council signage and street furniture such as benches. 

If you see graffiti on Council property, please contact us on 03 5471 1700 or via email at Alternatively, you can report it online. 

Report graffiti online now

Once reported, we will remove the graffiti promptly.

Private property

On private property, it is the responsibility of the owner to remove any graffiti.

Helpful ways to manage graffiti are to:

  • Prevent: try to keep your property tidy, clean and rubbish-free
  • Report: you can report graffiti on your property to Victoria Police so they can add to their database
  • Remove: aim to remove graffiti from your property within 48 hours. By removing it quickly, it’s less likely to reoccur.



What we are doing

Council has taken the following steps to continue prevention and management of graffiti:

  • We’ve increased cleaning of graffiti on Council assets and, when necessary, have engaged specialised contractors to support its removal.
  • We’ve written to residential and commercial property owners where graffiti is present to inform them of their responsibility to remove it as per Council’s law. Where a property owner requires assistance with this, we’ve facilitated connecting them with community volunteers who have expressed an interest in helping remove graffiti.
  • We have held discussions with various state government agencies including VicRoads, VLine and PTV to highlight the importance of prompt removal of graffiti from their assets.
  • We’re assessing the opportunity for establishing sites for community art under our Public Arts policy.

Reporting Graffiti to Other Authorities

If you notice graffiti on other buildings or assets, please contact the relevant authority from the list below.

Authority Contact details Area of repsonsibility
Australia Post 13 13 18 Green storage units on nature strips
Australia Post 8342 6973 Red/yellow letter boxes
Council 5471 1700 Council property
Crime stoppers 1800 333 000 If you suspect someone of vandalism
Public Transport Victoria / VLine

1800 800 007 or online

Trains and train stations including VLine services,
bus stops, railway bridges and overpasses

1800 011 433 or by email

Telephone boxes, stations and poles
Powercor 13 24 444 or Contact us  Power poles and street lights
VicRoads 13 11 70 VicRoads roads, traffic signals poles and traffic lights
Victoria Police 131 444 If you see someone in the act of graffiti
NBN 1800 687 626 NBN Cabinets