Our Emergency Management Plan

Council plays an important role in emergency management.

Read our Municipal Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 5MB) for details on our procedures in the case of an emergency.  

What is a Municipal Emergency Management Plan?

All councils across Victoria are required to have a Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

The plan is used to:

  • outline emergency management arrangements
  • address all phases of emergency management, including prevention, response and recovery
    detail pre-existing arrangements with other emergency services agencies
  • specify roles and responsibilities.

Who puts the Municipal Emergency Management Plan together?

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan is put together by the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC).

This includes representatives from Council, response agencies such as Victoria Police and Country Fire Authority, recovery agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, and local community groups involved in emergency management issues.

This group, in partnership with the Northern Victorian Integrated MEMPC, developed a Municipal Emergency Management Plan for the Mount Alexander, Loddon, Central Goldfields, City of Greater Bendigo and Campaspe municipalities.

An Integrated MEMP, allows all five councils to endorse the same plan, excluding appendices. The individual appendices reflect localised differences for each individual council.