Committees serve an important function. They are a key way for the community to offer insight and information to Council and give Council a way of deepening their understanding of community perspectives.

Each committee has a Councillor representative and a key Council contact officer. Key contacts are detailed in the committee list and can be contacted on 5471 1700.

Council’s community committees include:

Community Asset Committees

Overview of our Community Asset Committees, current membership, delegations, key contacts and GST summary submissions.

Roles and responsibilities

Community Asset Committees are established by Council to assist with the everyday operation and management of a number of Council owned community facilities.

Community Asset Committees are formally established under the provisions of Section 65 of the Local Government Act 2020 and each committee is governed by the same legal requirements as Council.

Appointed members are required to comply with the powers and responsibilities provided under their Instrument of Delegation.

Membership and contact details

Each committee includes a Councillor representative and a council contact officer as part of the membership.

The list below provides information on the Councillor representative, council contact officer and a contact for each committee. The committee contact is the main point of contact for bookings.

View the Special Committees Contact List 2021(PDF, 24KB)

Please note that while committee details are updated regularly, they may not be current. Contact us to get in touch with the relevant council officer.

Submit your GST Summary online

You can now submit your quarterly GST summary online via the link below.

GST Summary - Online Form

At the end of each quarter, committees are required to file a GST summary to advise Council of the income and expenses for the quarter, and what GST has been paid and received. Council then includes this information with the Council quarterly GST return to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).


The Community Asset Committees Operations Manual, Annual Return form, and other templates can be found on the Resources for Community Asset Committees page.

Audit and Risk Advisory Committee

The Audit and Risk Advisory Committee is appointed by Council in accordance with Section 35 of the Local Government Act 2020.

The main objectives of the Committee are to assist Council in discharging its oversight responsibilities for financial reporting and external audit processes, Council’s governance framework, effectiveness of internal control, risk management systems, risk management and internal audit function.

Members: Ms Nicole Cox, Ms Linda McNeill, Mr John Watson, and vacant plus the Mayor and one Councillor.

The responsibilities of the committee are outlined in the Audit and Risk Advisory(PDF, 5MB)  

Should you have any further queries please feel free to contact Council on 5471 1700.


Community Waste Reference Group

Mount Alexander Shire Council has established a small and diverse group of community members interested in waste management to play an important role in providing input and advice on future plans to better manage waste and recycling in our shire.

The Group meet every few months to discuss plans and initiatives to minimise waste to landfill.

Key documents:

Community Waste Reference Group - Teams of Reference(PDF, 548KB)


Mount Alexander – A Healthy Shire: Community Advisory Committee

The Mount Alexander – A Healthy Shire: Community Advisory Committee provides advice to Council on the development, review and implementation of the 2017-2021 Mount Alexander Shire Health and Wellbeing Plan.

The committee meets bi-annually over the four-year term and members participate in focused working groups.


Mount Alexander LGBTIQA+ Steering Group 🏳️‍🌈

The purpose of the Mount Alexander LGBTIQA+ Steering Group is to provide Council with guidance and information on the issues facing the local lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex, queer, asexual and questioning (LGBTIQA+) community and the opportunities to acknowledge and/or address them collaboratively.

The steering group will also aim to support Council in its development and implementation of key strategies, services, plans and policies to promote the benefits of diversity and enhance understanding of the barriers to equality being faced by LGBTIQA+ communities.

The steering group is made up of local community members, representatives from local community-based organisations and Council representatives (including a Councillor). The steering group meets bi-monthly.

For more information, please contact Council on 5471 1700.

Key documents:

Mount Alexander LGBTIQA+ Steering Group - Terms of Reference(PDF, 568KB)

Mount Alexander Shire Safety Committee (MASSC)

Victoria Police and Council are calling for two community members and two local businesspeople to join the Mount Alexander Shire Safety Committee (MASSC).

The committee has been established to provide advice to Council in relation to community safety issues.

Members may have experience or interest in community safety, public health, community development, crime prevention, emergency services or have strong community networks.

To apply for a place on the committee please read the Terms of Reference and complete an Expression of Interest available below. Submit your application by Friday 26 July 2019. For more information contact Lisa Knight, Director Corporate and Community Services on 5471 1700 or

Key documents:

(PDF, 548KB)Mount Alexander Shire Safety Committee - Terms of Reference(PDF, 316KB)

Mount Alexander Shire Safety Committee - Expression of Interest(PDF, 225KB)

Public Art Advisory Panel

The purpose of the Mount Alexander Shire Art Advisory Panel (the Panel) is to ensure the integrity and quality of permanent Public Art proposals considered for approval by Council in accordance with Mount Alexander Shire’s Public Art Policy.


Key documents:

Public Art Advisory Panel - Terms of Reference(PDF, 122KB)

Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group assists Council to better engage with young people when conducting community consultations.

In 2012, the Youth Advisory Group developed the Mount Alexander Youth Engagement Charter. The Charter outlines key principles to consider when engaging with young people within decision making processes.

Read more about the Youth Advisory Group and the Youth Engagement Charter(PDF, 5MB).