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Our organisation

Mount Alexander Shire Council has more than 220 staff employed on full time, part time or casual basis.

The organisation is currently headed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to the Council.

The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for the overall management and performance of the organisation, and operational staff.

Organisational structure

The organisational structure is based on the functional activity of three Directorates that work collectively to meet Council’s strategic goals and provide services to the community.

The three Directorates are Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Development and Corporate Support.

Read more about Council’s organisation structure.

Darren Fuzzard, Chief Executive Officer

Council recently appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr Darren Fuzzard commenced his role as CEO on 18 July 2016. Darren is accountable for the overall management and performance of the organisation. As Chief Executive Officer, he chairs the Leadership Group which comprises the CEO, Directors, Manager Organisational Development and Manager Governance. The Organisational Development and Communications functions report directly to the CEO.

Jason Taylor, Director Sustainable Development

Jason is responsible for the delivery of statutory functions including land use planning, development and building control, environmental health and waste management. Other key responsibilities include maintaining the Shire’s physical infrastructure including community buildings, roads, bridges, parks and sporting facilities.

Director Sustainable Communities - vacant

The Director Sustainable Communities is responsible for delivering services which aim to strengthen the community and build the local economy. The Directorate supports community participation in sport, recreation and the arts, and delivers services for young people, older people, families, children and people with disabilities. Other key responsibilities include tourism and event services, supporting events to assist the growth of the local economy and leading Council’s community engagement process. An acting arrangement is currently in place.

Lucy Roffey, Director Corporate Support

Lucy is responsible for the delivery of support services critical to the successful operation of the organization. Services include finance, information technology, governance, risk management, records management and customer service. The Directorate also supports Council’s long term financial planning and property administration processes.

Our values

To operative effectively as an organisation, we have adopted a set of staff values. Our values drive how we go about our work, how we work with our communities and customers and with each other. The values have been included in all position descriptions and along with example behaviours form part of staff annual performance reviews.

Positive – We are positive and enthusiastic in how we work together
Accountable – We are accountable for what we do
Respectful – We are respectful to each other at all times. I treat you fairly, politely and how I would like to be treated.
Innovative and improving – We will try new ideas and aim to improve
Genuine – Our actions will match our words
Open – We are open and constructive in how we communicate and solve problems
Supportive – We are supportive of each other

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