Footpaths and trails

Our footpath network has a variety of surfaces including concrete, asphalt, bitumen, gravel and crushed rock.

High pedestrian usage areas such as major activity centres or shopping strips are inspected more often.

This ensures footpaths are maintained in accordance with Council’s Road Management Plan(PDF, 984KB).

Report a footpath issue

If the issue is high-risk or a danger to pedestrians, please contact us on 5471 1700.

Please identify as many details as possible so Council can make the area safe as a matter of urgency.

For issues such as footpath collapses or major breakages, urgent works are arranged as required.


Footpaths are regularly inspected and repaired as required, with busy areas having priority over less used paths.

Council also maintains and upgrades formal foot or shared paths on the verge of arterial roads.

If you wish to use the footpath to place advertising signage, outdoor eating facilities and display goods you need a permit from Council.

Report an issue
Report maintenance issues or hazards online or contact us.


We have an extensive network of trails within our shire.

Council managed trails include the Campbells Creek Trail and Castlemaine to Maldon Trail.

Some trails in our shire are on crown land and managed by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) and Parks Victoria.

Read more about where you can explore our shire on foot or by bike on our Outdoors & nature page.