Dog walking in parks

Grab the lead and head outdoors to get some exercise with your dog. Find out where you can and can't walk your dog in the shire.

We understand the importance of balancing dogs' and their owners' needs for outdoor space with public safety and protecting the local environment.


Dogs are prohibited at:

Dogs are prohibited at all times:
Within five metres of any playground.
Also, from the playing surfaces of the following:

  • Camp Reserve Oval Castlemaine
  • Castlemaine War Memorial Stadium
  • Western Reserve Oval Castlemaine
  • Elsie Palmer Field Oval Castlemaine
  • Doug Powell Oval Castlemaine
  • Campbell’s Creek Recreation Reserve Oval
  • Chewton Soldiers Memorial Park Oval
  • John Powell Recreation Reserve Oval Guildford
  • Harcourt Recreation Reserve and Leisure Centre Oval
  • Cricket Ground and Recreation Reserve Oval Newstead
  • Bill Woodfull Reserve Oval Maldon
  • Public Recreation Reserve Station Oval Taradale
  • And at any place where Council has placed signs indicating that dogs are prohibited.

Dogs must be on lead at:

The person in control of any dog must keep the dog in effective control by means of a chain, cord, or leash held by the person and attached to the dog while the dog is in:

  • All roads in the areas of Campbell’s Creek, Castlemaine, Chewton, and Maldon.
  • The Castlemaine Botanical Garden.
Also, all other parks and reserves
  • between sunset to sunrise
  • when park maintenance is being performed
  • the principal location of an organised public meeting, sporting or community event, or festival when (either setup or the event itself)
  • within five metres of a permanent barbeque or picnic area when in use
  • at any place where Council has placed signs indicating that dogs must be on a lead.

Enclosed dog park

Wesley Hill Recreation Reserve – next to lower car park off McGrath Street

This fully enclosed off-lead dog park has a 1.2 metre-high fence, shade trees, and access to off-street car parking. Amenities include a drinking fountain, gated entry points, seating, local law and etiquette signage, a doggie bag dispenser and a rubbish bin.

There is also a private enclosed park which is open to the public at 300 Shicer Gully Rd, Guildford.


Other Council-managed or public land

Provided dogs are under effective control, dog owners are also welcome to have their dog off-lead on other Council managed/public land.

As a courtesy to others please clean up after your pet. Failure to do so may result in on the spot fines. Dog bags are provided at most facilities.