eNotices FAQs

eNotices is an online portal that lets you view and receive your notices online. Once you register, you will receive your notices by email.

What notices will be in my eNotices account

You can add rates notices onto your account. Some will appear automatically when you register, others may need you to do it yourself.

To manually add a notice to your account, go to the Profile tab in the top right of the Dashboard. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab you can add the eNotices Reference Number in the ‘Input eNotices Reference Number’ section.

If you have trouble with this, please get in touch at rates@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.


or 03 5471 1700.

Where is my eNotices Reference Number?

The reference number is unique to your notice. You will find it at the bottom right of your notice. There will be the eNotices ‘e’ logo next to it.


It says my eNotices Reference Number is invalid

If this happens to you, please email rates@mountalexander.vic.gov.au or call 03 5471 1700, and we can help.


I bought a property and would like to sign up for eNotices

If you have recently bought a property, you will need to receive your first paper rates notice. This notice will include your unique reference number in the bottom right corner.

I did not receive my email validation link

Please check the junk and spam folders in your email account. If you still have not received it, please contact us on rates@mountalexander.vic.gov.au or 03 5471 1700.


I forgot my password

You can reset your password using the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page here.


Could my notice go to my spam folder?

We do all we can to prevent this. It is possible, thought, that it will go into another folder such as ‘Promotions’ ‘Updates’ or ‘Junk/Spam’. Please check your junk/spam folders, and mark the sender as safe to receive future notices to your inbox.


Can I unsubscribe from email notices?

Yes. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab on your profile in the dashboard you can choose your delivery method. If you choose 'post', notices will be issues to the most recent mailing address via standard post.


Can I receive notices for more than one property?

Yes. If the properties are listed with Council under the same name, they will appear on your account straight away.


What if I have extra properties under different names?

You can add these notices to your account in the ‘Accounts’ tab in the Profile section of the Dashboard.

In this case, you will receive one email for each property – one property, one email, one attachment.


How can I update my email address?

To change your email address, go to the ‘Profile’ tab on the eNotices Dashboard. Then enter your new email address and click Save.

You will then need to send the verification link to your new email address. Return to the Profile page, and click the ‘Resend Verification’ button. You will receive a verification email. Follow the prompts in this to ensure your new email address is approved.


Can notices be emailed to more than one person?

Yes. Once you have registered to receive your notices via email, you can add more email addresses.

To do this, go to the ‘Emails’ tab in the Profile section of the Dashboard. Then, type in the new email addresses and click ‘Add’.


I registered for eNotices but I received my notice in the post this time.

If you have changed your name, or the property owner has changed, you need to input your unique reference number into your existing eNotices account.
If you are not sure, please contact us on rates@masc.vic.gov.au or 5471 1700.


Can I pay online?

You cannot currently make a payment through eNotices. You can definitely pay direct to Council, however. Please refer to other online payment methods available on your rates notice.