Green waste disposal

Council does not provide a home collection service for green waste and for most of the year fees apply for green waste disposal with the exception of the free green waste disposal period.

Free green waste disposal period

Council offers a free green waste disposal period once a year. This is to help residents prepare homes and properties for the upcoming fire danger period and normally occurs between October and December. Proof of residence is required.

Dates are announced prior to the event on Council’s Facebook page and in our Shire News newsletter. 

What to do with your green waste

You can take your garden waste (not food waste) to the Castlemaine and Maldon transfer stations for a fee depending on the weight of the green waste.

Castlemaine Transfer Station
Sluicers Road, Castlemaine
Phone: 03 5470 5348
Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 4.00 pm

Maldon Transfer Station
Morris Street, Maldon
Phone: 03 5471 1700
Wednesday and Friday 9.30am to 1.00pm; Saturday and Sunday 9.00am to 1.00pm

We are investigating better ways to collect and process (recycle) food scraps and garden waste. In the meantime we encourage home composting and worm farming.

Green waste disposal information

  • Green waste includes garden waste such as grass, sticks and branches that are less than 10cm in diameter.
  • The green waste must be free of contaminants such as rubbish and declared noxious weeds, and removed from plastic bags prior to disposal.
  • Loads containing items other than green waste will be charged accordingly.
  • Residents are encouraged to compost as much material as possible at home.
  • Visit the CFA website for tips on reducing vegetation to keep your home safe in the fires season


How to organise regular green waste collection

There are a number of contractors in our region that provide a kerbside collection service for garden waste only.

Greenaway (Bendigo): Phone: 1300 033 606

Tomo’s Garden Green Waste (Harcourt): Phone: 0408 006 750