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Waste facilities, charges and accepted items

Find out about local waste management facilities including charges, asbestos, prohibited waste and the Landcare Levy.

Castlemaine and Maldon Waste Facilities - Coronavirus precautionary measures

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 residents are urged to delay non-essential visits to waste facilities in Castlemaine and Maldon.

Please do not visit if you are unwell, have been overseas or have been in contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID -19.

Both waste facilities are still open. Payments for waste charges at the Castlemaine facility have moved to EFTPOS only. Cash payments are still accepted at the Maldon facility.

Due to social distancing measures heavy items (those which you cannot lift into the bins yourself) and mattresses are not accepted at this time. Paddy’s Market has now reopened, however, to ensure we continue to manage the shop in accordance with the current social distancing requirements the number of customers allowed into the store at any one time will be restricted. Please follow all advice provided to you by the site management team.

Waste management facilities

Council operates two waste management facilities, also known as landfill and transfer stations.

Castlemaine Waste Facility
Sluicers Road, Castlemaine
03 5470 5348
Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 4.00 pm
(Except Total Fire Ban days, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday)

Payment methods:
EFTPOS and Credit Cards accepted
Note: cash and cheques are not accepted.

Maldon Transfer Station
Morris Street, Maldon
03 5471 1700
Wednesday and Friday 9.30am to 1.00pm; Saturday and Sunday 9.00am to 1.00pm
(Except Total Fire Ban Days, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday)

Payment method: Cash only. Cheques are not accepted.

Please note the waste facilities may be closed at short notice to protect public safety as required if conditions deteriorate.

To find about what goes in each bin, what you can recycle, and how to dispose of different types of waste read our guide to recycling and waste. Sort your load before you go to help save you time and money at the landfill.


Type of waste Charge for residents
Glass bottles and jars FREE
Aluminium, steel and aerosol cans FREE
Plastic bottles, tubs and containers from kitchen and bathroom FREE
Milk and juice cartons FREE
Scrap steel FREE
Automotive Batteries FREE
drumMUSTER labelled empty agricultural and vet chemical containers FREE
Paper and cardboard. *Household quantities: no charge if clean and less than a trailer load (6’ x 4’) equivalent to 0.7 m3 FREE*
Paper and cardboard Trailer (6' x 4') equivalent to 0.7 m3 $15.00 / trailer
Paper and cardboard from small – medium local businesses only. Large commercial bulk loads will not be accepted. $20.00 / m3
General Waste (m3) $65.00 / m3
General Waste (tonne) $185.00 / tonne
General Waste Trailer (6' x 4') equivalent to 0.7 m3 $45.00 / trailer
General Waste Trailer (6' x 4') heaped equivalent to 1.5 m3 $98.50 / trailer
General Waste Trailer (8' x 5') equivalent to 1.2 m3 $78.00 / trailer
General Waste Trailer (8' x 5') heaped equivalent to 2.4 m3 $157.00 / trailer
Commercial / Industrial $206.00 / tonne
Asbestos (packaged domestic) $217.00 / tonne
Green Waste (m3) $22.50 / m3
Green Waste Trailer (6' x 4') equivalent to 0.7 m3 $15.50 / load
Green Waste Trailer (6' x 4') heaped equivalent to 1.5 m3 $33.00 / load
Green Waste (tonne) $43.00 / tonne
Motor Bike and Car Tyres $10.50 / tyre
Motor Bike and Car Tyres with Rims $30.00 / tyre
Truck Tyres $36.00 / tyre
Tractor Tyres $75.00 / tyre
Motor Oil for Recycling $0.50 / litre
Gas Bottles (any size) $11.50 / item
Mattresses or Bed Bases (any size) $26.50 / item
E-waste - Category 1 (per item) EXTRA LARGE (e.g. large TV, monitor, microwave, white goods) $20.50 / item
E-waste - Category 2 (per item) LARGE (e.g. printer, fan, laptop) $10.50 / item
E-waste - Category 3 (per item) MEDIUM (e.g. power tool, tablet, toaster, kettle, hair dryer) $5.00
E-waste - Category 4 (per item) SMALL (e.g. mobile phone, toy with electrical cord, small computer part) $1.00

How are the charges calculated?

Waste disposal costs are affected by a number of factors, distance from recycling hubs, general populations, size of the landfill and infrastructure. Council relies on a range of methods to come up with the item costs for depositing waste materials. We work closely with the operator, bench mark against other Councils (with landfills), use quotes from the industry and calculate actual costs for each service (including landfill levies imposed by the Environmental Protection Authority). The service charges are reviewed and checked each year.

Commercial waste disposal

Please note that the Maldon Transfer Station and the Castlemaine Waste Management Facility do not accept commercial quantities of waste.

If you are unsure and require more information, please contact Council on 5471 1700.


You can take domestic quantities of asbestos to the Castlemaine Landfill for disposal. Domestic quantities are defined as 'no more than half a cubic metre'.

When disposing of asbestos you must follow the following procedures:

1. Call the Landfill on 5470 5348 to arrange a suitable time to deliver the material.
2. Double wrap all asbestos in industrial plastic (for example the thick black plastic available by the metre from hardware stores).
3. Make sure each parcel is small enough to be carried by one person.
4. Make sure each parcel is completely sealed with tape.

For further information, please visit the Victorian Asbestos website.

Prohibited wastes

  • Liquid wastes with the exception of waste oils which can be disposed of for recycling at Castlemaine Landfill – a fee applies
  • Sluble chemical wastes
  • Infectious wastes, pharmaceutical wastes and pathogenic wastes
  • Triple interceptor trap waste
  • Grease trap waste
  • Used chemical containers which have not been triple rinsed of chemical residues, crushed and punctured
  • Prescribed wastes as defined in the "Environment Protection Regulations" (1987), other than:
  • Solid inert waste, domestic garbage, putrescible waste (other than domestic garbage), asbestos in commercial quantities (more than half a cubic metre), low level contaminated soils - all queries regarding the dumping of contaminated soils should be directed to Infrastructure Unit.

What is the Landfill levy?

Landfill owners must submit quarterly and annual statements to the Environment Protection Authority (Landfill Levy Statement), declaring the amount of waste received at the waste facilities. These statements determine the levy amount payable. The landfill levy is collected by the EPA to provide additional and ongoing funding to support efforts by government, industry and the community to reduce waste. Landfill levies create an incentive for waste generators to investigate ways to reduce the amount of waste they generate and dispose of to landfill. The current and future levy rates are set by the EPA and can be found on the EPA website.

For further information or to speak with a member of our Infrastructure Team contact us.

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