Fire Danger Period restrictions

The Fire Danger Period is when CFA restricts the use of fire in the community. They declare the period for each shire at different times in the lead up to the fire season depending on the amount of rain, grassland curing rate and other local conditions.

Restrictions are in force in the Mount Alexander Shire from 13 November 2023.

To stay updated about the fire danger period for the Mount Alexander Shire visit the CFA’s fire danger period restrictions page.

Note: the Fire Danger Period is NOT the same thing as a Total Fire Ban.

Fire restrictions

Once the Fire Danger Period has been declared, fire restrictions come into force. This means you cannot burn off unless you have a permit or comply with certain requirements.

If you don't obtain a permit, you could be breaking the law and may be prosecuted.

To apply for a permit or find out more, visit our Burning off page.