We manage approximately 1,500km of sealed and unsealed roads as part of our road and bridge network.

Local sealed and unsealed roads are managed by Council and arterial roads are the responsibility of VicRoads. 

Roads managed by VicRoads

In rural areas, VicRoads maintain the arterial roads and the full width of the road reserve from property line to property line. Generally, all other local sealed roads are managed by Council.

Read a list of local roads managed by VicRoads.

View a map of VicRoads managed roads, including heavy vehicle network maps.

Report an issue

Report a Council road maintenance issue or hazards by lodging an online request or contact us.

Report an issue with an arterial road issue or hazards at VicRoads.

Sealed roads

Council’s sealed road maintenance includes pothole and edge repairs, patching, line marking and road construction.

Council endeavours to keep our roads open at all times however for public safety reasons roads do need to be closed in certain situations. Council publishes planned works and road closures on our News and updates page.

Read about bridge load limits and height clearances within our shire under bridges.

Unsealed roads

Unsealed roads require ongoing maintenance and are regularly inspected, graded and/or resheeted by our Works Unit. High traffic areas require extra maintenance as they deteriorate at an increased rate.

Not all unsealed roads within our shire are managed by Council, as there are also forest roads under State Government ownership.

Raised dust from unsealed roads can be annoying and inconvenient for affected residents and businesses.

Read about how you can reduce dust(PDF, 196KB) from unsealed roads.

License or purchase a government road

To license or purchase an unused road reserve adjacent to your property you must submit an application to the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).

Read more about it in the information bulletin(PDF, 225KB).

You may also speak with our Asset Management Coordinator for further details by contacting us

Please note, Council does not provide routine maintenance on unused road reserves.

Restrictions and road closures

Planning an event and need to know about road closures?

Find out how to close a Council road for an event.

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